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Dick York And The Originals – Play Again

Dick plays lead guitar and is the lead vocalist for the band. His career spans nearly 4 decades and started with Sta-Prest in the Late 1970’s who released one of the mod anthems “School Days” as part of the Mod movement. Sta-Prest achieved notable success and were signed to Avatar Records and managed by Ronnie Scott’s management agency. Then he formed Cry Dyaan with Steve Smart, Vom Ritchie, and Clive Kemp who were the “Original” Cryssis line up. Dick is the lead singer and frontman for Cryssis who have had notable success in Germany with Vom Richie (Die Toten Hosen) who have two albums, Simple Men and Kursaal Nights, released by Drumming Monkey Records. Dick’s prolific song writing has lead to the reforming of the original Cryssis line up as Dick York and the Originals who will release their debut album “Yesterday’s Boys” on the 23rd June 2017. The album is all written by Dick and features all new songs.

 The band who formed recently comprising rockers of the good old classic era consists of Dick York, Steve Smart, and Clive Kemp with Vom Ritchie featuring as a guest musician on the band’s latest album. The record label is also owned by the band’s very own Steve Smart.

The trio’s history dates all the way back to 1976 where they attended school together. As the Punk Rock era dawned, the three pursuing their own musical journeys. Dick forming Sta Prest, Steve joined the Steve Hooker Band, and Clive formed The School Bullies. Dick’s band Sta-Prest became quite successful signing a Recording Contract with Avatar Records and Screen works. Clive and Steve then both worked in the Sta-Prest Family, Clive and Steve teching for the band.

After gaining considerable experience and roughing it out, Dick left Sta-Prest in 1980 and formed Cry Dyaan with Steve and Clive and a young drummer called Vom Ritchie. During the years with Cry Dyaan, Dick honed his songwriting skills, and the band were celebrated as ‘the band to watch’ in 1982 when they won band of the year through BBC. However, after management issues, the members decided to leave the band and get ‘proper jobs’.

In 2008, Vom contacted Dick and persuaded him to start his music career again. Dick retired from his job, and the two formed a band called Cryssis. Dick wrote a collection of old songs and the band found great success in Germany. Cryssis have released two albums ‘Simple Men’ and ‘Kursaal Nights’ and have toured with The Drop Kick Murphy’s, Frank Turner and Die Artze.

In 2014 Steve and Clive who were now both retired from their ‘proper’ jobs met up with Vom and Dick, and the ‘Original’ four joined for a show in Dusseldorf to play Cry Dyann songs. Steve joined the Cryssis family, and although they have not joined the band, he has played many shows with Cryssis ‘depping’ for the band’s other members Trip Tom and Thomas Schneider.

However, since they all got back together, Dick, Steve and Clive have been meeting and playing and enjoying their return to music in their retirement. This has led to the recording of a new album which they intend to release in 2017, under their new ensemble Dick York and the Originals. Vom Ritchie guests on the new album completing the original lineup.

The new single ‘Play Again’ is as catchy as they come and it leaves you wanting to stick it on repeat. The vocals are strong and the music compliments it perfectly creating a great blend which can only be admired.


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