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ARY is a Portuguese Rock band from Lisbon formed by members Erika Martyns, Dénis Rhomays,
Ziig Mendes and Dave Rodrigues. The roots of the project began with Erika and Dénis trying to create a band from scratch after their last band split apart. A new soundscape was planned, an energetic blend between catchy melodies, hard hitting drums, electronic elements and heavy guitars. But after a few months of intense songwriting Erika’s mother passed away, and that event inevitably got reflected in some of ARY songs.
With the experience from touring together for three years in the band “The 7Riots”, playing big shows like NOS Alive, Lisbon Hard Rock Caffe, RCA Club, Avante Festival and many others, Erika Martyns and Denis Rhomays learned a lot about how the Music Industry works, and toke all that knowledge with themselves to prepare the debut of their new project.
Bringing Ziig, (The 7Riots bassist) along, and inviting drummer David Rodrigues (Denis’s University
mate) to join them, the four piece band was complete.
Vasco Ramos aka XANDE, former frontmen of More Than A Thousand, produced with ARY seven songs to be released between the end of this year and the beginning of the next. The debut single “I Think It’s You” was released in September 5th, along with a music video directed by Ibérico Alex, Erika Martyns and Dénis Rhomays.

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