BONAVEGA – I Know You Want My Love

This video highlights BONAVEGA, as a robot, who experiences passionate feelings too quick with his creator.

Deriving motivation from Queen, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Duran, Reggie Watts, and The Screaming Headless Torsos, BONAVEGA built up himself in 2015 as THE new look and sound of performance based, dramatic popular music. Concentrating on art he fabricates his sounds and tunes topics, at his home studio, around thoughts and topic that are exceptionally relatable however then recounts the stories in a way that are emotional and unconventional with a specific end goal to enamor the group of onlookers.

Underneath his pompous, flashy shell be that as it may, BONAVEGA has a more profound, completely mindful expectation for his apparently trite “melody and move.” Zeroing in on corruption in the congregation and deriding extremism with his arousing, homo-suggestive, move moves, the high society music industry and religious promoters dissent his brazen tunes and insulting stage jokes. The two sides of the coin feel he doesn’t crush into their container and dread his practically careless carelessness for fitting in or taking action accordingly. Balanced and blunt, he shields himself because of, instead of a reason for, a smothering religious childhood and a “square” externalizing society.

Growing up BONAVEGA was near his family however was raised under the strict, tyrant belief systems of a fundamentalist Christian school. He was always allured by shake and put forth an admirable attempt to tune in to and gain from the best. More often than not that was him as a kid under his spreads during the evening with earphones figuring out how to play guitar from Jimmy Page. Completing secondary school he framed a progression of musical gangs where he started to cut his teeth. As he tested and performed music with companions, his very own, masterful trip turned out to be clear in 2015, and he chose that moving to Los Angeles would be simply the most ideal approach to really express innovatively.

Touching base in Los Angeles BONAVEGA started pushing the points of confinement quickly in the flourishing open mic scene in Hollywood. After meeting Michael McGeHee (a kindred artist and lyricist and originator of Beverly Hits Studios) the couple helped each other self-create a progression of singles and EP’s. Getting the consideration of Stefan Litrownik (One Direction, Boyz II Men, Andy Grammar) and working together with PWNR, the profoundly looked for after video generation group, BONAVEGA started discharging fresh, finely tuned, music and video content that has an irrefutable retro wistfulness with a bend.

BONAVEGA, in January 2017, discharged his first totally self-created EP entitled “Auto Body Fixation.” Completely mindful of the consistently changing melodic atmosphere each track on the class challenging EP holds its own particular weight and totally neglects the past tune in a way that keeps on pushing his excessively certain, out-of-the-case musicality. BONAVEGA has enormous plans for the future including visits, celebrations, and premiers. He requests that his supporters keep their ears and eyes completely open for whats to come and to likewise, as usual “Take it off your brain… and take it to the floor.”







Beta State – Forever

San Francisco-born Beta State weave effortlessly in and out of musical genres, mixing a cocktail of ambient future indie rock, dream-pop, electronica, and hip-hop beats layered underneath melodic alternative-r&b inspired vocals.  Currently living in Los Angeles, the trio got off to a quick start, scoring a chance to write and record a song with Linkin Park that would end up on Linkin Park’s LPUXIII album.  Singer Matty McDonald, bassist / producer Justin Kastner, and drummer / producer Adrian Robison used this experience to set the tone for their future as songwriters, trading in loud rehearsal studios for songwriting sessions with laptops, samples, and keyboards.  They released their EP “Timeless” in 2016, showcasing lush, epic choruses with smooth pop vocals over synths, ambient guitar, and samples.  Their sound continued to stray further away from rock with their late 2016 release of “Forever”, infusing hip hop beats and alternative-r&b vocals over a dark and twisted lyrical motif that screams to be placed in the soundtrack of a suspenseful movie.  Their evolution hit full steam in 2017 with the release of their singles “Make It Up To You”, “LMK”, and their latest anthem “Westside”, trading in guitars for samples, keys, and synths while keeping the flavors that fans of Beta State have come to expect intact.


Matty McDonald – Vocals

Justin Kastner – Bass / Production

Adrian Robison – Drums / Production

7 Years Back – Set You Free

7 Years Back is a french metal band from Paris, France. The band formed in 2016 and currently consists of 20-year-old lead vocalist Alex Vincent-Rey, lead guitarist/backup vocalist Antoine Ayala and bassist Remy Benabdelhak.The band released
its debut EP “Heartdust” recorded in Berlin, Germany and fully-produced by DNA Music Studio (Betraying The Martyrs, Shoot The Girl First, Novelists) in November 2016. They released a new single called “Save Me From Myself” on April 28, 2017
and are currently working on their debut album.

Dead Seem Old – Mischief

Dead Seem Old is a London based pop project created by Thom Wicks collaborating with Producer Javier Weyler (Phil Manzanera, Stereophonics). They play live as a suited frenetic Spanish guitar and double bass duo, writing minimalist pop songs influenced by street music from latin America from Wicks’ extensive travelling. 

Dead Seem Old have three singles out; They Won’t Find Us (Lo Recordings), This Mess Won’t Make Itself (Vourliotes Recordings) and Mischief (Vourliotes Recordings) that have been featured in many film, television shows and advertising around the world, racking up 500,000 views on Vimeo for the video for This Mess Won’t Make Itself. 

Wicks’ describes this solo project as ‘Spanish guitar melodies with self-made beats and found sounds; Cans, chest beats, matchboxes, household lamps. Then we mess with it all, put on a suit and write pop song.”

Wooly and the Uke / Janat Sohail Aziz – Circus

I’m Janat Sohail Aziz, a singer and a songwriter based in Pakistan. Wooly and the Uke is my solo project, started in 2016, which atypically plays around with the avant-garde genre. I have always identified with music as a window I can pull out from, as an innocent expression of the emotions our frail bodies carry inside. ‘Circus’ is my debut track- it is a satirical comment on the shallowness of the reality we exist in. This phenomenon has always fascinated me, and existed as a series of surreal images in my head, a story- the inability to escape it is what inspired me to write about it, the veiled turmoil, the almost impending doom, this cold state of an ending.

Game of Thrones Song &; Rap + Spoilers – Kellee Maize (In The Night)

Kellee Maize (born January 18, 1980) is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her first album, Age of Feminine, was released in 2007. Maize has now been involved in the music business for just over a decade and has recorded and released six full albums leading to a handful of singles. As of 2011, her YouTube videos had combined for over four million views, and she had over 180,000 Twitter and Facebook fans. Her albums had been downloaded over 400,000 times, and she has been mentioned in various media outlets over 200 times. According to a news report in 2011, a Google search for “female rapper” displayed her website as the number one search result.

Maize was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and adopted by a family that lived in New Berlin, a small town in Central Pennsylvania. At the age of nine she started her first rap group, Thunder and Lightning. In her teens she moved to Pittsburgh and in 2000 began rapping and singing on stage, but financial need led her to the workforce. Maize graduated from Mifflinburg Area High School. She later studied at the University of Pittsburgh.

Maize worked at the Pittsburgh City Paper and began promoting events around the city. During her time there, she helped launch multiple programs supporting and promoting local musicians and spoken word artists, as well as a local fashion show. She was soon promoted to the position of events and promotions director. After experiencing her mother going through a near death bout with cancer and the sudden passing of her father, Maize again turned to music as a way to cope.

Maize was adopted as a baby by Chris and Terry Maize and reconnected with her biological family at the age of 22. Her biological father is actor Jimmy McNichol and her biological aunt is former actress Kristy McNichol. Maize is married and has one son.

In 2006 Maize founded Näkturnal, a Pittsburgh-based guerrilla marketing firm. The company has worked with many big name organizations, including the ONE Campaign, and EcoSMART and is involved in Pittsburgh nightlife. Maize remains the owner and CEO of the company.

Maize is an activist on women’s rights, environmentalism, and issues relating to poverty and racism. Her spiritual side is reflected in her music. She studies world and environmental issues, the power of intention, meditation, quantum physics, astrology, Tarot and indigenous wisdom. Maize feels her purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy and that makes people think. In 2012, of her meditation practice, Maize said, “I learned Transcendental Meditation many years ago and found it to be life changing.”

In 2013 Maize performed at Zeitgeist Media festivals in Los Angeles and New York City supporting The Zeitgeist Movement, the world’s largest peaceful social movement that advocates the replacement of the current global system with a highly technical sustainable society called a resource-based economy. Maize also appeared in TZM founder Peter Joseph‘s short documentary Culture in Decline 6: Take of Two Worlds.

Maize has said that she “has issues with politics” but supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. She released a single, “#MakeLoveNotTrump” online on October 19, 2016 in opposition to candidate Donald Trump.

Maize released her first album, Age of Feminine, independently in June 2007. The album features traditional hip hop beats. The 11-song album received positive reviews with over two million listens and over one hundred thousand downloads. Her second album, Aligned Archetype, was released nationally in January 2010. The album features the sounds of dubstep, hip hop, and Baltimore club.The album received critical success online and became the featured album for FrostWire, where she became the Most Downloaded Artist on FrostWire Ever, with over 135,000 full album downloads in one month. The album features one of her most popular songs and music videos to date, “Third Eye”.

Maize’s third album, Integration, was released on November 11, 2011. The album received immediate attention as it was downloaded over one hundred thousand times within its first month of being released on FrostWire alone. The success of this album helped her become the number-one most downloaded artist on In June 2011, Maize joined Eminem, Lil Wayne, OutKast, J. Cole, and others as one of the seven hip hop acts to perform at Bonnaroo in Tennessee. She performed a 45-minute set list along with long-time collaborator DJ Huggy. Maize then began work on her fourth studio album and released the single “Google Female Rapper“, a freestyle over Twista’s popular song, “Overnight Celebrity”.

During an interview in 2012 with XXL, Maize said she would like to change hip hop by “rapping and singing about things that aren’t found in mainstream hip hop like yoga, environmentalism, oneness, spirituality, beings from other dimensions, and indigenous wisdom.” Maize was featured in a 2012 Global Grind article about white female rappers.

Maize’s fourth album, Owl Time, was released December 12, 2012.

Her fifth album, The 5th Element, was officially released on Valentine’s Day 2014. The album had been available exclusively to the Jamendo community 10 days prior. By the 15th of February, The 5th Element had gathered over 90,000 plays and over 6,000 downloads on Jamendo alone. The main theme of The 5th Element has been cited as love. The album design features over 1,000 fans that sent pictures of themselves displaying love in whatever way they saw fit.

Her sixth album, The Remixes, was released in 2015 and released nine remixes of Maize’s songs.

She launched her acting career in June 2017, appearing as the character Popp in the Adult Swim show Decker.

In polls taken by the Pittsburgh City Paper, Maize was voted in the “Top 3 Best Hip Hop Performers” three years in a row (2008–2010). In 2010 she secured the number two spot behind Wiz Khalifa. In 2010, Maize was nominated as “Best Female Artist at the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards”.

Maize’s single, “City of Champions”, (Aligned Archetype), competed against Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ favorite “Road to the Super Bowl” song.

In 2011, Maize was nominated as one of Pittsburgh Magazine‘s and PUMP’s 40 Under 40. The award recognizes individuals that are committed to shaping Western Pennsylvania.

BOOTY – Loosen Up

B00TY released Loosen Up, their first single and video since signing to Interscope Geffen Records.

B00TY is the newest addition to Geffen Records, which recently relaunched with Neil Jacobson as president. B00TY is the L.A. based electro-funk-soul duo of singers and producers Edan Freiberger and Adam Epelbaum. B00TY has been sparking up dancefloors at 1am in sold-out clubs around their adopted home of Los Angeles since they found each other at UCLA. Their live set of falsetto swagger, which is often accompanied by a band full of horns, drums, backup singers, electric violin, and endless keyboards, have made them a must-see band around the local scene of East Hollywood and Downtown LA. B00TY are the ideal visceral hedonistic party hang for anyone who wants to channel themselves back to the original vibe of 1970s primetime Sly And The Family Stone via the modern twist of electropop pioneers like Disclosure and Flume. As you can tell by the name, B00TY don’t take themselves too seriously. They got their start opening for Reggie Watts in LA, and they channel a goofball carefree attitude, shared by their comedic heroes.

The Loosen Up video follows the band in a satyrical journey to stardom that begins with their “World Premiere” at a Laundromat in east LA, with the perfect amount of sexual laundry machine imagery. The video is directed by Ariel Fisher and Brandon Kapelow. The video stars Edan, Adam, and viral internet sensation, The People Walker. Loosen Up sounds like Daft Punk or Disclosure production with hooks reminiscent of singers like Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak and Hall & Oats.

Edan and Adam both came from prolific artistic backgrounds; Edan via San Francisco’s Bay Area following a childhood perfecting the violin, writing songs, and learning every instrument he could get his hands on, and Adam from Miami where he grew up obsessing over films, comedy and screenwriting. They met and started the project while studying theater, film and television at UCLA, where they also collaborated as actors, writers and directors.