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Beta State – Forever

San Francisco-born Beta State weave effortlessly in and out of musical genres, mixing a cocktail of ambient future indie rock, dream-pop, electronica, and hip-hop beats layered underneath melodic alternative-r&b inspired vocals.  Currently living in Los Angeles, the trio got off to a quick start, scoring a chance to write and record a song with Linkin Park that would end up on Linkin Park’s LPUXIII album.  Singer Matty McDonald, bassist / producer Justin Kastner, and drummer / producer Adrian Robison used this experience to set the tone for their future as songwriters, trading in loud rehearsal studios for songwriting sessions with laptops, samples, and keyboards.  They released their EP “Timeless” in 2016, showcasing lush, epic choruses with smooth pop vocals over synths, ambient guitar, and samples.  Their sound continued to stray further away from rock with their late 2016 release of “Forever”, infusing hip hop beats and alternative-r&b vocals over a dark and twisted lyrical motif that screams to be placed in the soundtrack of a suspenseful movie.  Their evolution hit full steam in 2017 with the release of their singles “Make It Up To You”, “LMK”, and their latest anthem “Westside”, trading in guitars for samples, keys, and synths while keeping the flavors that fans of Beta State have come to expect intact.


Matty McDonald – Vocals

Justin Kastner – Bass / Production

Adrian Robison – Drums / Production

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