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BONAVEGA – I Know You Want My Love

This video highlights BONAVEGA, as a robot, who experiences passionate feelings too quick with his creator.

Deriving motivation from Queen, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Duran, Reggie Watts, and The Screaming Headless Torsos, BONAVEGA built up himself in 2015 as THE new look and sound of performance based, dramatic popular music. Concentrating on art he fabricates his sounds and tunes topics, at his home studio, around thoughts and topic that are exceptionally relatable however then recounts the stories in a way that are emotional and unconventional with a specific end goal to enamor the group of onlookers.

Underneath his pompous, flashy shell be that as it may, BONAVEGA has a more profound, completely mindful expectation for his apparently trite “melody and move.” Zeroing in on corruption in the congregation and deriding extremism with his arousing, homo-suggestive, move moves, the high society music industry and religious promoters dissent his brazen tunes and insulting stage jokes. The two sides of the coin feel he doesn’t crush into their container and dread his practically careless carelessness for fitting in or taking action accordingly. Balanced and blunt, he shields himself because of, instead of a reason for, a smothering religious childhood and a “square” externalizing society.

Growing up BONAVEGA was near his family however was raised under the strict, tyrant belief systems of a fundamentalist Christian school. He was always allured by shake and put forth an admirable attempt to tune in to and gain from the best. More often than not that was him as a kid under his spreads during the evening with earphones figuring out how to play guitar from Jimmy Page. Completing secondary school he framed a progression of musical gangs where he started to cut his teeth. As he tested and performed music with companions, his very own, masterful trip turned out to be clear in 2015, and he chose that moving to Los Angeles would be simply the most ideal approach to really express innovatively.

Touching base in Los Angeles BONAVEGA started pushing the points of confinement quickly in the flourishing open mic scene in Hollywood. After meeting Michael McGeHee (a kindred artist and lyricist and originator of Beverly Hits Studios) the couple helped each other self-create a progression of singles and EP’s. Getting the consideration of Stefan Litrownik (One Direction, Boyz II Men, Andy Grammar) and working together with PWNR, the profoundly looked for after video generation group, BONAVEGA started discharging fresh, finely tuned, music and video content that has an irrefutable retro wistfulness with a bend.

BONAVEGA, in January 2017, discharged his first totally self-created EP entitled “Auto Body Fixation.” Completely mindful of the consistently changing melodic atmosphere each track on the class challenging EP holds its own particular weight and totally neglects the past tune in a way that keeps on pushing his excessively certain, out-of-the-case musicality. BONAVEGA has enormous plans for the future including visits, celebrations, and premiers. He requests that his supporters keep their ears and eyes completely open for whats to come and to likewise, as usual “Take it off your brain… and take it to the floor.”







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