Dead Seem Old – Mischief

Dead Seem Old is a London based pop project created by Thom Wicks collaborating with Producer Javier Weyler (Phil Manzanera, Stereophonics). They play live as a suited frenetic Spanish guitar and double bass duo, writing minimalist pop songs influenced by street music from latin America from Wicks’ extensive travelling. 

Dead Seem Old have three singles out; They Won’t Find Us (Lo Recordings), This Mess Won’t Make Itself (Vourliotes Recordings) and Mischief (Vourliotes Recordings) that have been featured in many film, television shows and advertising around the world, racking up 500,000 views on Vimeo for the video for This Mess Won’t Make Itself. 

Wicks’ describes this solo project as ‘Spanish guitar melodies with self-made beats and found sounds; Cans, chest beats, matchboxes, household lamps. Then we mess with it all, put on a suit and write pop song.”

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