“Keep on Fighting ” is by Casual Encounter, the American songwriting and creation twosome. The couple comprise of Bret Sears from Baltimore, USA and Raivis Ordway, the Latvian record Producer. Bret experienced childhood in Southwest Baltimore, Maryland and started to move at an early age. Bret is roused by craftsmen and makers like Diplo, Calvin Harris, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, the Swedish hitmaker behind the absolute most famous pop tunes of an era including Britney Spears tremendous crush ” … Baby One More Time “. Bret endeavors to push his own imagination a little further each time and is making waves in the business.

The other individual from the team, Raivis Ordway, is a skilled EDM (Electronic Dance Music) maker, who’s adventure into music started when he figured out how to play the clarinet. In the wake of getting Cakewalk studio music programming and a midi controller as a Christmas exhibit, Raivis set to work making music. Taking a break from school, he moved into creating music full time. Casual Encounter was framed in April 2017 when Raivis put a promotion searching for an artist; Bret reacted and in the wake of meeting started dealing with “Keep on Fighting “. The name originated from a thoughts session, many names were proposed however it was Casual Encounter that emerged after Raivis discussed a young lady he’d been dating, and the relationship had been simply a Casual Encounter. Bret adored the term thus they kept running with the name.

The Tropical house track “Keep on Fighting ” was discharged on the ninth of August 2017, composed by Bret Sears and delivered by Raivis Ordway it includes on the Album of a similar name. The going with music video was coordinated by Othello banaci and taped on area at Virgina Beach, a waterfront city in southeastern Virginia, known as “The Resort City “. The waterfront city is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest joy shoreline anyplace in the World.






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