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Flora Cash – Roses On Your Dress

Flora Cash is a Swedish/American couple who shaped through a coordinated effort on Soundcloud. Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall’s shared energy for music cultivates their inventiveness, motivating them to musically investigate the multifaceted nature of connections in their music.

In the wake of having “met” on Soundcloud and right away e-becoming friends musically, their “climatic in subject and vibe” material had not long after been bolstered by likes of Noisey, The Line Of Best Fit, Paste, The Music Ninja, Earmilk, Wonderland Magazine, Konbini, Clash, Interview Magazine and numerous some more. Their current ‘informal organization mindfulness’ association with the significant Mexican broadcast communications mark called Movistar, has had more than 15 million views over the most recent few months with the effective “Always Know Who You’re Talking To On Social Networks” message still spreading.

To put it plainly, Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall’s shared energy for music encourages their innovativeness, motivating them to musically investigate the intricacy of connections in their collection. The darker side of affection is a topic showed in the tone of the “Roses On Your Dress” music video and the melodious edginess to comprehend your darling. Audience members will perceive the true to life characteristics of a melancholic Lana Del Rey song, joined by Cole’s agonizing male vocals.

The music video happens at a spectacular manor, where the sweethearts occupy two universes: the advanced white collar class living outside, and the rich gentry living inside. The couple just collaborates inside the chateau, demonstrating friendship until the point when the relationship gets ugly. The well off couple battles as the white collar class couple placidly watches them. At last, the relationship goes into disrepair since cash can’t support satisfaction. Yet, that is alright, on the grounds that nothing keeps going forever (and it’s fine). They have each other and that is all that truly matters.

 “Roses On Your Dress is a track about individuality, struggling to make a distinctive mark upon the world and the ways in which that struggle affects each of us. It also touches on the challenges of being marginalized; an “outsider” …and the brutality with which different societies, including our own, work to shame and strip us of the uniqueness which contributes to our own inimitable vantage points.” – Flora Cash

 The collection is out wherever NOW by means of the Swedish mark Icons Creating Evil Art.


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