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The Lords of Liechtenstein – Kool Aid

Lords of Liechtenstein’s new tune “Kool Aid” plunges into the threats of peer pressure and as the saying goes: “drinking the kool aid.” Don’t be beguiled by the tunes perky plan. This tune addresses the genuine pressures in the United States and cult politics. Not only Is “Kool Aid” socially significant, as well as a sharp interpretation of the in which we live.


 New Folk-Rock Album, ‘Downhill Ride to Joyland’

 With funniness and energetic melodic plans, Brooklyn, NY pair recounts the stories of war saints, the erroneously blamed, points of interest, and settlers. This polarity is the reason they’re known for being provocative, once in a while grave, and here and there altogether ridiculous.

 ‘Downhill Ride to Joyland’ is loaded with comparatively odd and charming stories, extending from sentiments in the wilds of Oregon’s Willamette Valley to a frantic supplication to escape from the most exceedingly bad place on the planet: Staten Island. One would be out of order to confuse their peculiarity for sassiness, in any case. The Lords of Liechtenstein consider their music important, as even an easygoing audience can tell from the carefully created verses and complex backup. “Don’t be fooled my smile,” as their track “Long Lost Boy” opines. “Sometimes my tears fall upside down.”





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