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Annelisa Franklin

Annelisa Franklin is a surprisingly experienced singer, songwriter, recording artist and performer for her young age. She has reinvented herself as a solo pop artist after a seven year run as lead singer in the sister duo, Franklin Avenue. Now that she is eighteen and on her own, she’s realizing her unique musical vision with sophisticated songs like “Sinatra” and “Here for the Weekend.”

Born March 1999 into a musical household in Santa Monica California, Annelisa began composing songs before she could actually write them down. She loved to perform her new songs in concerts for her family and friends. Here favorite musical influences as a young child were Karen Carpenter and Michael Jackson.

Annelisa began singing with her sister professionally at age eleven and she has played more than eighty live gigs such as county fairs, music festivals, Boys and Girls clubs, showcases for Warner Nashville and Disney, plus ten hours of live radio interviews/performances. Annelisa began writing the songs for the group and singing lead by about age 13 and has recorded and copyrighted over a hundred and twenty songs so far.

She has just begun using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote her new solo career and she’s already building a loyal fan base. Social networking wasn’t one of her priorities until very recently; she’d rather work on her playing, writing and voice, but now that she’s interacting with her new fans, she loves it.

She also has intensive acting training and a couple of national commercials on her resume. This young artist has seven years of professional experience, but is really at the dawn of her solo career.

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