“Yonatan’s sound is a fresh daring slice of growling haunted jazzy blues rock…he is one of music’s revelations.” – The Huffington Post

It isn’t only his height and demeanor that give Yonatan a flair of intensity; his attitude and approach in living the life as a songwriter/artist make him just as resolute. Yonatan’s current state of focus on marketing and distribution has taken main stage in preparation for the release of 4 songs; which will comprise of music videos, behind the scenes, remixes and live recordings released over the course of a year. Yonatan writes emotional and complex songs about most basic things in life; including love, sex, death, addiction, and family. His unique blend of psychedelic bluesy rock has been often compared to Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Morphine mixed in with the spirit of Charles Mingus. Besides writing and performing his new material Yonatan works endlessly as an artist, curator, collaborator, composer, producer, and engineer. He has worked with some of the music businesses finest, from John Cale of The Velvet Underground to War’s Lonnie Jordan courtesy of his work at Radio Recorders.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Yonatan grew up listening to rock and roll and was playing guitar at the age of fourteen and bass guitar a year later. His early passion for jazz led him to the upright bass and by college he began performing regularly in many clubs in Los Angeles including the House of Blues, the Sayers Club and Hotel Cafe. His love for many styles of music has allowed him to perform within countless genres and his versatility has led him to play as a multi-instrumentalist in many bands including million/billion. The band toured the country and shared stages with acts such as Ray LaMontagne, Gomez, and Beck and released their first full-length album entitled “Ready. Fire. Aim.” through Universal at the beginning of 2007; which you can hear on avenues such as Pandora and iTunes. In 2009, Yonatan was on the road again with collaborator Andrew Paul Woodworth. The success of the album “Eddy Ate Dynamite” brought them out to Europe where they had the honor of sharing the stage with Deep Purple.

2012 brought the release of tracks with different artists including Elan Atias of The Wailers, while embarking on a solo journey with his sophomore record, Monster, an elegant departure from his debut jazz record, POTS (Please Obey the Signs). Yonatan shares his time on the stage and in the studio. His compositions have been featured on TV shows such as King of Queens, Dr. Phil, and Rachel Ray. Furthermore a scoring project with Nick Ngo (Bangerz) has been featured for “America’s Best Dance Crew” for the Jabbawockeez in the show’s second season debut.

Over the past couple of years his live shows have become a “one of a kind” performance making him a staple in the LA music scene. 2015 brought Yonatan some more exposure as KCRW’s Anne Litt began playing “Monster” on rotation.

 When it came time to record the new EP Yonatan collaborated with the best people available including Producer Ethan Allen (Ben Harper, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Better Than Ezra), Producer/Drummer Léo Costa (Sergio Mendes, Bebel Gilberto, Everlast) as well as rounding out his band with Guitarist Adam Zimmon (Ziggy Marley, Iggy Pop, Dido) and Woodwinds Player David Urquidi (War, Poncho Sanchez).  Together, this unique team has created an experience for listeners and viewers alike that is sultry and full of raw emotion, depth and heart. As things become more solidified for Yonatan 2017 has been an incredible breakthrough year focused on three music videos to be released in the fall and winter. Stay tuned, it’s only just getting started.  The Ascension EP is due October 12th with a release party at Hotel Cafe on October 13th 11pm.


“Playing with Yonatan you’re gonna learn something about yourself, and you’re gonna learn something about the musicians you are playing with; you’re gonna push your own boundaries, and you are gonna challenge yourself. It’s gives everyone an opportunity to be themselves and find out what they are capable of, remembering why you are a musician in the first place.”
-Michael Jerome Moore
​(Better than Ezra, The Blind Boys of Alabama, John Cale)





Chew You”, produced by Léo Costa (Sergio Mendes, Bebel Gilberto), is a song about vulnerability, courage and loving something so much that you could smash it or let it smash you into pieces. The video, written, produced and directed by Yonatan, cinematography Charlie Barkhorn, editing by IIZII, unlocks a story about a fantasy world drenched in eroticism, self reflection, control and eventual submission; it’s got a little something for everybody. 




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