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Fool Child – Dragon Blood

Matty Green (Manchester) and Scott Harrison (Liverpool) found themselves at a party in Melbourne in 2017 and started chatting after discovering a mutual head-nod every time mutually-favourable music came over the speakers. Bonding over similar musical influences and both being musicians in a new city, Scott and Matty caught up to have a jam. And so Fool Child was born, a new Melbourne based duo originally hailing from Liverpool and Manchester. Their band name is an ode to a song of the same name, written by Scott’s father’s friend in the 1970’s. At, 1 year of age, Scott’s laughter was recorded and used in the introduction to the song. This was Scott’s debut into a recording studio, and a story he’s told since. Fool Child caught up with Nashville-based Australian producer Josh Barber (Gretta Ray) while he was recently in Melbourne and went into the studio to record their debut single. Their new single “Dragon Blood” is the second taste of Fool Child’s upcoming EP, slated for release in late 2017.

Instagram: @foolchildband

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