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Brittany Campbell – Worst Enemy

Brittany Campbell initially from Brooklyn (Flatbush) is a Singer/Songwriter and Producer, known for her mixed blend of different melodic classes such Pop, Rock, and Motown. Basically situated in NYC, Brittany has made another pocket of music for audience members and music fans with an open and bold ear. On first look, the response may be “well, there runs another chick with a guitar” yet on the following tune, you may see her wearing a bass or hitting endlessly into a console. A fascinating combination of melodic universes, her guitar tunes remain in the pop shake vain while her vocals are reminiscent of a period since a long time ago past. A fortunate find, in the event that you happen to be in the lofts of Williamsburg at the perfect time.


Brittany Campbell is the artist people dream to be.” – Deli Magazine. Blending elements of RnB, Pop, Electronic Soul, and Rock, Campbell is a true Avatar of the new direction of today’s music industry. With independent artist breakthroughs such as Odd Future, Chvrches, Banks, and Macklemore, never was there a more opportune time for the DIY artist to break through the “glass ceiling” nor has there ever been a time where the ability to wear many hats was more vital to an artist’s career. An award winning singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist, Campbell is unequivocally equipped to tackle the industry’s ever-changing climate exemplifying the virtues of musical reverence, visual innovation, curated collaboration, and pure raw talent. Boasting 4 studio releases, her debut EP Nerd (2011) reaching the Top 10 NYC pop charts, her second studio album Heroes (2014) claiming an Independent Music Award for best pop album, has made her unarguably an artist to watch but perhaps even more exciting, is her newfound merging of music and animation. “An inspired audio-visual experience”, according to Paper Magazine, Brittany has captured the attention of both the music and art world. Her animated music videos appearing in a multitude of festivals such as The Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival (2016) and Legends of Hollywood Film Festival (2016). Currently, Brittany is in studio, working on a 4 part series called “Stay Gold” that she calls her “personal fantasia”. The first of the series, released Feb 2016, received positive reviews – Complex Mag calling her the “future of soul”.

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