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NISH – PARADISE ON FIRE ft Will the Wolf

Brought up in Trinidad and Tobago, NISH turned into a fanatic of Hip Hop amid endless summers with his family in Brooklyn, NY and later in Miami, Florida. His chance in the US acquainted him with autonomous specialists who were delivering their own music and posting it on the web. His cousin in Miami would take him to the studio and youthful NISH got to know hearing himself on a mic. He delighted in the Hip Hop of the late 90’s while in the city and became hopelessly enamored with the way of life.


Growing up, music was NISH’s shelter from what appeared like a prohibitive educational system and culture that focused too intensely on his scholastic achievement. Nearly, the arts that were at last his actual quality appeared to get little support. His exceptionally name is an acronym for Naturally Intelligent Superior to Hate, an announcement of his faith in his inborn capacity in spite of society’s initial judgment of his rank and fate when contrasted with his associates.


As a young, NISH explored different avenues regarding composing verse. His initial gifts, notwithstanding, were not constrained to melodious capacity. At 17 years of age, while going to St. Anthony’s College, he was given the chance to move to Long Island NY and complete his training at Ward Melville High School. There, he built up himself as a precious individual from the school’s soccer group and pulled in light of a legitimate concern for a few universities in the USA. Nonetheless, lamentable damage amid that year finished his athletic dreams unexpectedly and eventually changed the course of his life.


“We as a whole have decision; however we don’t all have vision. – NISH”. Vision is something NISH never needed. Despite debilitation and disillusionment, he came back to Trinidad and wound up noticeably enthusiastic about picking up a comprehension of the world and his place in it. Regularly disparaged by his associates amid this time, he would segregate himself, putting in days and weeks on end with only great books and music as he (unconsciously) culminated his abilities in verse, narrating and music. Around this time, NISH additionally ended up noticeably engaged in music video generation. All things considered, obviously he saw the esteem that this ability would in the long run manage the cost of him i.e. the capacity to autonomously deliver his own particular music recordings. In his own particular words, “Expanding your interest can prompt liberation. I’m ascertaining my future with mystic assessment.” A look into his ever-tricky and extrasensory personality, a large number of his lines would demonstrate to reflect his encounters both prior and then afterward they were composed.


It is thusly not shocking that he seized the open door in his mid-20’s to work for one of Trinidad’s chief videographers, Mr. Jason Riley. NISH sharpened his abilities under Mr. Riley’s tutelage before going ahead to work for Gayelle TV and Video Professionals Ltd. Following this, he started to offer his administrations independent and inevitably shaped his own particular videography organization, Creative Focus Ltd. By his mid-20’s, NISH appeared to be sinking into a fruitful vocation as an independently employed videographer, yet his rap dreams were never far away. He started to concentrate on composing new music and shaped solid ties with other similarly invested performers in the nation, for example, J. Scoona, ProMattxz, Jamarkie, Celeste, Arie, Kye De Vere, Izac King, Jesarai, and V-Max to give some examples.


In a matter of seconds before the arrival of his first unique melody, Tables Turn, NISH started authoring the term CROWNLIFE. The idea was in its earliest stages at the time yet would inevitably go ahead to constantly speak to everything that NISH had faith in and battled for in the quest for his rap dreams. To experience the CROWNLIFE is to try to understand your maximum capacity, to show your most profound wants, to end up plainly mindful of your own legend and to have the opportunity to seek after and accomplish it. It is intended to be both a suggestion to himself and a message to other similar people who may need support. It is far-fetched that you would hear a verse from the rapper without a fair specify of the term or its mark image, 2 peace signs combined to serve as a crown and a capital W for World Peace.


In September 2012, NISH discharged the single Tables Turn highlighting rapper, V-Max and created by J. Scoona. The snare broadcasts, “It’s all I know, you learn you develop, and it made me my identity.” Thus started his penning of the NTOC, the undertaking that is the consequence of the considerable number of triumphs and misfortunes that he has encountered so far. In 2013, he picked up force discharging hits like Us Against The World, Lord Have Mercy and Running Out Of Time. In every one of his singles, the subject stayed steady. NISH was prepared to toss in every one of his chips and present to the world his one of a kind vision and point of view. In 2015, he would discharge 2 generally welcomed, immaculately created music recordings, “Alive” and “All Night”. These hits not just showed his flexibility (he altered the two recordings himself), it set him as a power to be figured with. His narrating capacities effectively rose above to his video preparations. The video Alive for instance splendidly catches the carefree, energizing way of life of West Trinidad while reflecting a portion of the darker sides of life in Port-of-Spain. The video includes a plenty of scenes, from the nightlife in the city of POS to the shorelines on the North Coast, yacht parties off the West drift, Carnival festivities, shows, and considerably more. NISH figured out how to catch the embodiment of the Trini encounter, utilizing shots so various that exclusive a really skilled storyteller would have the capacity to join them in such flawless solidarity.


There is most likely that NISH is going to drop a nuclear bomb on the world, bound to happen lastly here, the NTOC. The end times to end one period of his life and to prepare for the start of an extraordinary future.

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