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Plain Sails – Don’t Suffer By Yourself

Hailing from the four corners of the UK and Brazil, London based Plain Sails have been making their sound since mid-2013. The profoundly individual topic and cutting verses are adjusted delightfully with emotive tunes and taking off, determined minutes in a vivacious yet touching sound.

Frontman Andrew started penning what might turn into the bones of a record several years earlier, pulling on impacts from crosswise over eras growing up tuning in to everything his folks would have on as a child spreading over decades, and truly starting a relationship with music in the mid to late 90’s as a youthful fellow hypnotized by the upset of Britpop. Subsequent to investing a long time in various tasks as a guitarist and keys player, remaining as an afterthought lines was never again an alternative. The time had come to stand up and be tallied.

The shaping of what was to end up plainly Plain Sails started in mid-2013 when Andrew met Leigh in London, the match manufacturing a cozy relationship because of their comparable impacts and enthusiasm for the music they started to grow together.

A Manchester chap completely, Leigh’s childhood presented him to the rich, guitar driven culture and history of the locale. His articulate commitment to tone and climate combined with his capacity to select the ideal lines to compliment the recurring pattern of the written work breathed life into the tracks, impeccably mirroring the impactful yet puncturing verses and tunes.


As the tracks built up the match worked with various skilled drummers and bassists, however never entirely making an indistinguishable association from they had done initially. This turned into a genuine test, while giving them an opportunity to create and complete the tracks it turned into a disappointing time of what had a craving for slowing down.

A key minute in forming the band and propelling things was the presentation of Andy T. Brazilian conceived and of Japanese legacy, Andy flawlessly settled – a companion of Leigh’s from University days. A refined and capable guitarist he got an instrument outsider to him, yet influenced to claim and built up a style of playing and composing that fit superbly the vibe and ethos of the band and it’s music.

After another time of advancement, a voyage through the circuit in London and some time required for individual reasons the three reconvened in late 2016 to start practices and recording the initial three tracks of what will end up being their introduction record. Without a full time drummer, the landing of Jack proclaimed a stage change in the level of the group’s execution. His refined and enthusiastic yet considered style drives the tenacious tracks and holds together the more sensitive minutes in a path one of a kind to him.

From January 2017 the band have not stopped in pushing forward at pace in all parts of execution, composing and recording and are presently on the cusp of propelling with single discharges, music recordings and feature appears.


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