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Drowned in Sins – One Step Closer

Drowned in Sins is a metalcore/post-hardcore group from Bucharest,

Romania. Started in 2016 by Silviu (vocals) and Seth (guitar), the band has been relentless about pushing the boundaries of the genre through their energy packed music.

What began out of a shared love of metal and more specifically metal core, quickly transformed into the determination to develop a melodic but hard-hitting sound, embodied in the debut EP “One Step Closer”.

“In order to achieve that sound on “One Step Closer”, we wanted to work with someone that would have a good understanding of our style and the sound we were going for. To do that, we tapped the talents of Jake Pitts, most known as guitar player for Black Veil Brides. Jake mixed, mastered and even helped produce most of the songs. You can also hear him sing on “Aftermath”. We recorded everything in Romania and then Jake did all the mixing at his Studio in California.

“One Step Closer” consists of 4 songs. Lyrically, the album is mostly

based on past experiences and at its heart lies the will of doing what you want without letting yourself put down by other people. It’s about finding the spark that ignites the feeling of purpose in you and hanging on to it, for us that means music.”

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