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Chris Bones – Stone Cold

Chris Bones is a young recording artist and songwriter with an organic passion for storytelling and sharing his personal experiences through compelling lyrical content. 

Chris’ eclectic mix of pop and R&B influences began to take on a sound of its own as he dove into late night writing and recording sessions. He speaks on his personal battles through intimate concepts and lyrical symbolism, using heavy hitting beats and witty melodies to drive his music in a powerful direction.

In 2015, Chris completed a 5 week, 25 city tour sponsored by Guitar Center, SONY, and Pioneer; among others. He followed up with his first headlining show in Los Angeles, proving himself to be a true live entertainer. He has performed at numerous venues including The El Portal Theatre, The Canyon Club, The Federal Bar, and the Ahmanson Theatre, to name a few.

At a young age, Chris moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. After landing leading roles in various films and theatre productions, he hungered for the ability to express himself through music. Step by step he studied the language of performance by being in the studio, rehearsing with choreographers, and constantly pushing himself closer toward his goal. 

Most recently, Bones released his single Stone Cold; a reconciliation / break up conversation set to melodic guitar strings. The song explores the repercussions that losing a loved one can have on a person, even after the dust has settled. 

“Bones infuses his music with a dash of a darker edge, a hint of danger… the perfect combination of gloss and grit.” – Interview with Allen Foster for AXS.

Chris Bones Regarding “Stone Cold”:

I wrote stone cold as a pure conversation. I ran into an ex at this cafe and I remember the first thing I said was “it’s kinda random running into you.” So that inspired me to start the song directly and to the point, just like the conversation, running into someone not positive in my life always brings up a lot of mixed emotions, so I used those feelings and wrote the rest of the record with complete raw honesty. After that, the writing process flew by and the song wrote itself. 

In the music video, it’s a morning of my life after the breakup. I’m emotionally hungover but then bounce back. The colors start off by being monochrome and then change into bright striking colors by the end of the visual. I wanted that to represent my path from breakup to growth and into moving on.

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