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Breath After Coma – “I, the Animal”

Breath After Coma is an alternative rock band from Athens, Greece. We got together in late 2013 / early 2014 at first by just doing jam sessions, which quickly developed in a live act. Our music usually starts from an idea for a theme or a riff and we built it up to form a song and match the concept of the lyrics we have written. We consider our selves a live act above all.

We released a self-titled EP in 2015 and toured all around Greece making a reputation for our highly energetic massive and loud live shows and receiving enthusiastic reviews from local and international zines and blogs. Songs from our first and self titled EP (released in 2015) were chosen for the OST of U.S. extreme sports action movie “Thunderstruck 14”. We released their first full length and excitedly awaited album “Leaders” earlier in 2017 and continue playing shows. New music video for the track “I, the Animal” (taken from “Leaders”) was uploaded in the band’s YouTube channel few days ago. Near future plans include more shows in Greece and we are working on expanding outside Greece’s borders by planning a European tour.

Music Video for “I, the Animal”

This is a self-produced music video for this track which is included in the band’s album titled “Leaders”. The song lyrics as well as the visuals in the video portray duality in one’s self and between their primal instincts and logic. It is about this internal fight which we endure when trying to control our urges and seek self improvement.

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