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Lauren Kube – Unify

You wouldn’t guess by her young age and cute persona that Lauren Kube packs a very capable set of songwriting skills.  Combine those with a winning smile, a commitment to hard work and an insatiable passion for all things music – and you have an emerging star in this young lady.

Born in December 2002 in Virginia, she has always sought out every opportunity to sing & have her voice heard. From talent shows to choir, Lauren has never missed an opportunity to stand on stage or wherever there was a gathering – and sing. 

Not only in her vocal tendencies but also with her songwriting style, Lauren appreciates the influences of songstresses such as Adele, Alicia Keys & Kelly Clarkson.  Lauren is working to become a sought-after songwriter & has set her goal to one day win a Grammy for at least one of her songs.

Written about the tragic events that happened in nearby Charlottesville during the recent white supremacist rally, her debut single “Unify” reveals how the untimely passing of Heather Heyer affected her.  The ballad & the accompanying music video has earned her thousands of adoring fans & has started a healthy Internet buzz for the young artist.

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