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Misolanius “Life is a Struggle” (feat. Kelly Hafner)

Misolanius was born in Charleston South Carolina and moved to North Carolina with his parents until the age of 5 when his mom brought him to Palo Alto, CA in 1987 after his parents were divorced. Hip Hop, from an early age was always the background music for Misolanius and after listening to artist’s like LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, 2pac and Nas, Misolanius immediately became infatuated with Hip Hop and it was literally a “rap.” Growing up in Palo Alto, California was difficult for Misolanius, being an only child, having his parents separated but also caught in between an odd paradox of rich kids who fit the Stanford mold and the harsh gangster mentality of East Palo Alto which at that time was known for being the murder capital of the world and had a major influence on West Palo Alto as well. Misolanius always used poetry and music as a way of therapy and after dropping out of school, running away from home with his girlfriend at the time while basically couch surfing and living on the streets, music and Hip Hop was the main outlet that kept Misolanius going and would eventually turn into a full-blown passion. 


At the age of 17 Misolanius recorded his first studio quality song called “Fight for Them Pearls” and joined a duo group with a fellow neighborhood artist. They called their joint effort Sub Level. This duo would make a few tracks together, but no finished album fully came into fruition. By 1999 a child hood friend suggested Misolanius move to Chico, California where there was an opportunity to make a fresh start and a chance to get a decent education so he decided to take his friends advice and move out to Chico to better his life. While getting 2 AA degrees at Butte College, Misolanius began working on his first album called “What These Eyes Have Seen” released it in 2002.  This project was raw and grimy with very little mixing and editing but had a definite sign of talent by the 20-year-old mc. One track in particular called “Last Resort” was a favorite and gained a fan base for Misolanius mainly in the surrounding area but in the Bay Area as well. Shortly there after he joined alliances with a group called the Dialecs who consisted of Tetrarue, Chance 1, HimpC and Grits. Together Dialecs and Misolanius did shows all over the town of Chico, mostly at bars and house parties. Due to creative differences Misolanius left the Dialecs and put out his second solo album in 2005 called “Assorted Elements” which was a solid well rounded studio album that gained recognition for the solo artist. The album’s biggest hit was “Bigger Than Hip Hop” which still to this day is the number one downloaded track on iTunes for Misolanius. Not too long after the album released he moved to Berkeley to go to school learning sound engineering and got a bachelor’s degree at Expression College for Digital Arts. During this time, he formed a 3-man Hip Hop group called Monarch with fellow mc Wes Wright out of Chico and beat maker 7hz out of Emeryville. They put out an E.P. called “Monarch the Beginning” in 2008 which was a very militant and revolutionary project featuring such heavy hitters as Zumbi Of Zion I, Gift Of Gab Of Blackalicious. This E.P. would be the endeavor that really gave birth to the dominant flow of Misolanius. In 2010 Monarch released their full-length LP “The Transformation” which was also very militant and revolutionary but with some more radio friendly feel good tracks as well. This album also featured the highlights of Zumbi Of Zion I and Gift Of Gab Of Blackalicious, as well as Marty James of One Block Radius and Kristo of Drop City Yacht Club. Monarch would go on to do a few shows but would soon go on hiatus do to a lack of communication and organization between the 3 artists. Misolanius released his third solo album in 2013 entitled “Mr. Opus” with explosive tracks like “Armageddon” “California Rain’ and “Always” while doing some shows in the process. In 2016 Misolanius released “Good Life” and “Life is a Struggle” both being singles and music videos which has now become another passion and element to music making for the Bay Area native artist and has brought a whole new audience with it. Currently Misolanius is working on his fourth solo album entitled “Spiritual Gangster” scheduled to be released late 2018.

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