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MIDDLESPOON – LightningBug

Indeed, even their name, MIDDLESPOON, is intended to challenge the present state of affairs. The Austin couple makes irresistible move music about current social issues. Frontman Alexander Beats finds sharp approaches to address issues like gender roles and woman’s rights, while exhibiting a great vocal range, drawing impact from craftsmen like Sam Cooke and Erykah Badu. Producer Jinx McGee makes elegantly refined move music. Before delivering music for various different craftsmen, McGee put in eight years visiting as a lead guitarist. His consistent creation and Beats’ heartfelt vocals are the foundations of MIDDLESPOON’s mark sound.

Together, Beats and McGee have made their own particular fun and attractive sound and look. Design assumes an imperative part in the pair, who share a solid fixation on drag culture. Their beautiful and dynamic closet mirrors their offbeat and enthralling sound. MIDDLESPOON is the ideal soundtrack to this current summer’s most sweltering pool party.

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