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Slightly Left of Centre – Naked




Hot off the back of selling in excess of 80,000 units, 1 million streams and generating over 150,000 downloads, Australian talent ‘Slightly Left of Centre’ return to the world stage with their strongest, most original and diverse material to date.
Taken from the bands upcoming second album and world class writing ability, it showcases their talent the single release ‘Euphoria’ is a testament to the bands tongue-in-cheek mentality, with soaring hooks and a vibe reminiscent of Maroon 5 meets Daft Punk, it will keep you coming back for more.
One of the band’s strengths and also the factor which allows them to cut and paste so many different genres into their sound is their studio setups. Michael and Adam have extensive studio production experience and most of it is self-taught. “I got a 4 track when I was really young and I made MIDI files when I was 11,” explains Adam of his starting point.
Michael tells a similar tale. “I’m pretty much self-taught,” he says. “I went to university and studied IT engineering, so I am pretty good with computers and working with audio gear. Music has always been in my blood. My mum was a singer, my grandfather was a singer and just working with people like Michael Zammit (Airwaves Studios) and the experience of working in professional studios has given me the courage to go out and buy the equipment myself.”
Having one of the most invigorating, unique, captivating and entertaining stage presences a live band has to offer, as well as working with some of the best session musicians, SLC has proven their live shows are something that everyone will remember. Grammy Award winning Tom Coyne (Beyoncé, Maroon 5) is scheduled to master the final product as this will be an album that everyone will appreciate.

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