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MulaManDam feat. Ricocaine – Pardon

Karsheam Simpkins (born April 7th, 1997) better known by his stage name MulaManDam is an American born Rapper/Engineer from Long Island, New York. He started off as a producer and eventually started writing his own songs. In the summer of 2015 he was struck by a vehicle going full speed and all he remembered from that incident was leaving the corner store and waking up in a hospital bed. His doctor told him that he wouldn’t be able to walk again and if he was lucky he’d be up and running in 12-18 months due to fracturing his neck, lower back and suffering from a broken leg in 3 places. Miraculously he recovered 5 months later and vowed to himself that he would work on his passion 110% by taking advantage of every moment. Surprisingly two weeks after he got out of the hospital he shot a music video, recorded a mixtape worth of music, set up a home studio and used his audio engineering knowledge from school to record, mix and master other artists’ music around Long Island. 

In 2017 alone he has released & has been featured on 50+ records creating a buzz which recently resulted in a sold-out crowd at the Amityville Hall in Long Island. Despite being a relatively new artists he has honed his live-show skills by steadily performing in the showcase circuit in New York City. He eventually became the Hip Hop Seazon Showcase Champion twice and all that ground work has resulted in him bringing a strong presence in a room; crowd surfing at numerous shows, fans reciting his lyrics word for word and opening up for the likes of Famous Dex, Reggie Mills & Chris Rivers. Mula is now campaigning for his 2nd mixtape titled Green Eggs & Dam” including all new unreleased tracks and all original production. 


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