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October 2, 2017by Kolade Olamide0

Born December 21st 1995 in Cincinnati, Collin has always had a strong passion for music. It wasn’t until he started high school and joined a mens choir in Spanish Fork Utah that he really began to get engaged in composing and performing music. He started off by performing music for parties and weddings while in the meantime working on his own music.

After graduating and serving an LDS mission in Bolivia Collin finally decided to release his own music. This is the first official single published and released by Collin called “Thoughts.” Collin said “I truly find joy in writing music about trials and struggles of life whether its getting over an illness or the loss of a loved ones. Writing and composing beautiful music about such things can really heal and connect people. My main goal is to connect with everyone and it doesn’t matter what genera someone likes or dislikes because if you write about real things that everyone goes through, that is how you connect and can make great and inspiring music.”

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