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Rising Hip Hop artist RED HONCHO has faced many adversities in his life and managed to walk straight through them to deliver his mind blowing flow.
Raised in a tough upbringing in Mount Druitt, RED HONCHO was the second eldest of 7 children in a family struggling to make ends meet. A troubled youth who dropped out of high school in year 7, running away from home multiple times. While causing trouble in the streets he joined a gang, to only get locked up at the age of 14. As a way
to challenge his anger and frustration, he began his journey as a songwriter,
“I started writing songs to put my anger and frustration into words instead of my fists.”
His life took a major turn for the better when he fathered a baby girl, and vowed to change his lifestyle to become a better role model for his daughter.
In 2012, RED HONCHO started dropping tracks and videos to his loyal fanbase, and hasn’t looked back since. And in early 2016, he caught the attention of A&R executives at independent hip hop record label ‘ANOTHER LEVEL GROUP’ when he released his track ‘House Party’. Wasting no time, the label signed the rising star and released his
first debut single with the label titled ‘Made For This’ featuring U.S. R&B singer Wes Joseph. With a great response from his fanbase and an inbox flooded with collaboration requests, RED HONCHO is back in the studio currently working on his debut album.
Set for a busy and full year, RED HONCHO is set to release his second single in the coming weeks on his journey to solidifying himself as a top ranked hip hop artist.

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