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Lunar Village – Want

The independent alternative trio Lunar Village mixes punk rock vigor with pop melodies and “homegrown” production to form anthemic “bops” with scurrilous lyrics reminiscent of summer nights and adolescence. Guitarist Klay Robinson, bassist Cameron Humphry, and drummer Spencer McArthur hold their own as the sole three members of the outfit relying heavily on their dynamic style and group vocals to round out their sound.  The first incarnation of the band formed in high school where they covered punk and rock songs everywhere across their hometown from house parties and dive bars to clubs and “proper” performance venues. Consistent performances gave them the chance to carve out a stage presence, image, and sound heavily influenced by their high school punk rock band experiences as well as the bands and songs they covered. They delayed releasing original material until they felt the songwriting, the notions it conveyed, the live performances, the recordings, and the concept of the band could all be deemed mature and fully developed.  In October of 2017, Lunar Village released the EP In Her Apartment including three music videos for the songs In Her Apartment, Safe Words, and Want as well as the bonus track Not My Night.

The video for Want is heavily inspired by DIY Indie rock bands that have come before. Lunar Village leans towards releasing performance-based videos as they feel it is a great way to showcase the presence, personalities, and vibe of the band.

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