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Sally Caitlin – Take It All

I am a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Manchester, UK, who creates electronic pop music with heartfelt, autobiographical lyrics. My songs are written about my own experiences, which I think gives my music an honesty that is not always seen in commercial pop music, making it easy for people to relate to. I have been writing songs at the piano since the age of 15 and released my first single, Stuck In Limbo, in 2015 following my graduation from university.
My new EP, Experiments, was produced by Mansfield based ‘The Producers’ and was released on April 27th 2017. The EP features singles ‘Take It All’ and ‘Lead Me Down’.
‘The production is superb, the songwriting blisteringly good, the voice powerful and authentic, the artist legitimately fascinating. ‘Experiments’ is an astonishing EP from an audacious and spine-tingling artist.’ Reyt Good Music Magazine
“‘Lead Me Down’ makes Caitlin sound like a female version of Flawes; dark electrifying beats and tastey pop synths fused with narrative lyrics create the ultimate pop tune.” – Indie Central Music
The title of the EP, ‘Experiments’, has a triple meaning as it refers to: the experimentation with styles and sub-genres on the EP, the experimental nature of growing up and making mistakes (featured in the lyrical themes) and also a reference to the Chemistry Degree I completed before entering the music industry. There is also a narrative woven between the tracks which appears if you listen to the tracks in order of the track list. Whilst rooted in pop, I think the wide range of genres that influenced ‘Experiments’ is obvious, resulting in a varied and mature selection of electro-pop songs with an edge.
The Experiments EP has been supported by several radio stations so far including Unity Radio Manchester, Identify Radio, Shout Radio, and Salitaire Radio and I have recorded acoustic sessions for Unity, CAT Radio and Fuse FM. I was also one of five grand finalists in the Pure Radio’s Stockport’s Finest Competition in 2016. Videos have been shot for all five of the tracks on the EP and are being released in order of the EP’s track list on blogs and social media. All five tracks from the Experiments EP were semi-finalists in the UK Song-writing Contest for 2016 across various categories. Take It All is the fourth track on my Experiments EP and my favourite of the five. It’s a song that I actually wrote about six years ago and never did anything with until last year. The lyrics of are all about breaking free and no longer being tied to someone who is holding you back. It’s a song about determination, inner strength and bravery, but also about letting go. To link with all these themes, we thought an intimate and simple approach to the video would work well, so as not to distract too much from the lyrics. The close cropped and slow motion shots in the verses give the video an air of vulnerability, which is then contrasted against the fast paced chorus and drops to show the different emotions felt by myself when I was writing Take It All. We used the different coloured versions of me layered on top of each other to give the effect that many personalities were fighting to escape from one body.
‘‘Experiments’ is essentially electronic pop, but was influenced by a wide range of genres and as always, my focus was on the lyrics, drawing inspiration from my own experiences. It tells the story of a character in a toxic relationship and all the emotions involved with that situation.’ Sally Caitlin

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