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Aeriel – Be Down

Aeriel is an LA R&B/Pop singer-songwriter that is bringing innocence and purity to her vocals – but doesn’t let that get others confused about her real character. She can take melodies whether catchy or calm to allure in her listeners, but you’ll love her for the messages she portrays in her music. Embodying every single track created, Aeriel is a representation of multi-faceted women across the globe. 

From topics based on lovers, feminism, and everything in between – her life experiences will make many women relate, but all will be attracted to not only her beauty but her realness and high-hitting vocals. Representing vigorous and independent woman, Aeriel brings the right amount of purity with the ability to voice opinions on relationships that many can relate to in her stories. 

Aeriel wasn’t always such a strong, opinionated woman – at a young age she has always been the shy and quiet type, but once she hit the age of thirteen, she started getting into creating music. Although she wasn’t the type to share her music that she made, she was encouraged by her family to take the risk to perform. 

From performing her tracks in front of family members and friends, she then later met the right people to help with her artistic vision and push to keep creating.

Her new single Be Down captures the essence of all the women or young girls who are stuck in a relationship with a lover or past lover that might not be best for their well-being. On the other hand, she still has memories of this guy – making the track give you those nostalgic vibes that will surely have you in your feelings. 

Be Down will be featured on her up and coming Sad Girls Club EP dropping in late 2017.

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