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Mihail – Who You Are

A versatile musician and an art passionate, Mihail dedicated his entire life to creating various forms of art, from music to painting, photography and graphic design.

Music always held an important place in the artist’s life. He started taking piano lessons at 7 years old, taking up guitar two years later. As a teen, Mihail was a member of various bands as vocal, guitarist and piano player.

After graduating from high school, Mihail moved to Cluj-Napoca to pursue a degree at the University of Art and Design. While studying there, he signed up for an Erasmus Exchange program, which allowed him to continue his studies in Krakow. In order to afford his stay in Poland, Mihail started playing in various pubs and bars at night, while also passing flyers for his shows during the day.

”When I was in college, I used to play guitar every day, anywhere I was. I started playing three or four time a week in various pubs during my time in Krakow, so that the money I earned could help me pay the rent. I got a positive feedback from the people who came to listen to me and this motivated me to continue. Whenever I was singing Romanian or Russian songs, people were telling me they didn’t understand the lyrics but they felt the emotion. This is how I got more confident and I realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. When I got back to Cluj, I graduated from college and decided I’ll take a year <off> in order to focus on music. I said to myself: If nothing serious happens, I will go back to visual arts.” – Mihail

His first 2 singles “Dans nocturn” and “Doar visuri” soon followed, which managed to stir up the attention of the music industry. Then, in July 2015, Mihail launched “Ma ucide ea”, his most successful single to date, which attracted everyone’s attention thanks to its funk, blues and pop influences, combined with an emotional message about love at first sight.

A sleeper hit, it took 6 months for the song to enter the Top 100 Airplay Chart, with another 3 months passing till it was officially crowned #1.

As of now, the song has over 60 million views on Youtube, while also being named the second most airplayed song of 2016.

Mihail started 2016 with the “Lookout Tower Acoustic” series, which featured 4 new unreleased songs. The project was a hit among both the fans and music critics alike, one of the songs charting inside the Top 100 Radio Airplay.

“Simt ca ne-am indepartat” followed, which features a movie-like music video that captures the beautiful scenery of Malta. An indie-inspired release, the single is a departure from his previous sound, described by the artist as a return to his roots.

After growing weary of his newfound fame, the artist decided to take a step back from the public spotlight for the first half of 2017. Limiting both his TV appearances and social media presence, Mihail focused on travelling, producing and rediscovering his musical identity.

The end result was “ Who You Are”, his latest single. Released in the first week of June, it quickly became a smash – hit, topping the Romanian Airplay Chart, peaking inside the 10 Shazam Romania Chart while also charting at #1 in the iTunes Romania Chart.

During the summer, Mihail headlined the Forest Stage at UNTOLD, one of the biggest festivals in Europe.


“Best Male Voice” @ Radio Romania Awards 2016

“Best New Artist” @ Media Music Awards 2016.

  • Mihail – Who You Are

    (Video info’s)

    The music video was shot in a fairytale-like scenery near the

    famous Transylvanian city Cluj-Napoca. Using a Sony FS5

    combined with drone shots, the creative team behind the video managed to capture the amazing beauty of Lake Tarnita and its surroundings.

    “The main act” features a dance with one’s self, a try at self-understanding that complements the song’s message.

    The concept was created by Mihail himself, with the video highlighting his passion for painting and graphics. A special glass that measured a bit over 2m in height was created by the production team, to serve as his canvas.

    There was no appointed script, as the artist preferred to let himself be inspired by the song and his surroundings, while also trying to tap into the dance lessons he received as a teenager.

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