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Jthurston, Yates & Alma Rosae (DJ Risow Remix) – Mo’ Money

Jared Thurston, or Jthurston is an established artist out of the Bay Area. Hailing specifically from the 82nd block of East Oakland, Jthurston brings a unique approach to Bay-style rap. Over generally dark, yet energetic production, J uses his adaptive flow to deliver messages of team dedication, city love, and all around bragging. With a sound reminiscent of a Drake/J.cole/Kanye hybrid, Jthurston is known to switch from all around lyrical rapping to a more harmonizing style. The front runner for Oakland’s local music collective NFK (NewFound Kingdom), J has an energy that is impossible to ignore, a fact made evident by his high voltage live performances. J’s Music is available through every media outlet such as iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora Radio. On August 25, 2016 Jthurston released his project “Pyramids”, which was later placed on the Editor’s Pick list on the CD Baby website. His Singles “Flexin” and “Autopilot” have earned Jthurston high praise as an artist as well as radio play on several stations. Jthurston’s track titled “Honest feat. Flight” earned him a spot on the #V6 mixtape from popular blog site Bayareacompass. Jthurston is the #1 ranked artist on Reverbnation locally in the Oakland area as well as regionally in the Northern California area, and in October of 2016 he was placed on Reverbnation’s “Crowd Picks” list as a featured artist. Jthurston’s latest album “All I Want is Everything” was released on July 1st, 2017.

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