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MARC ,Frederik Leopold – Can’t Live Without It

Swedish producer/DJ Marc made a huge impact with his debut international track ‘Show You The Light’ last year which has shot past 16 million streams at Spotify, powered to the upper reaches of the Billboard Club Dance Chart, and charted in ten different countries. He’s now set to build upon that impact with this track called ‘Can’t Live Without It’.

While ‘Can’t Live Without It’ captures the uplifting melody and laidback vibe of Marc’s previous hit, it’s also a track that represents a clear progression with live guitar and flourishes of keys adding an organic feel to proceedings. Resplendent with a drop perfectly built for the weekends ahead, ‘Can’t Live Without It’ great emotional vocal performance by Danish singer Frederik Leopold.

“I wanted to make a song that shows a more organic side of me, with live guitars and keys, showcasing a new musical era for me,” Marc explains.

Marc was raised in the scenic Swedish city of Karlstad. His father being an active music business man, Marc grew-up surrounded by music and particularly recalls following his father on tour and hanging around in the studio with him.

Yet the city’s ice hockey culture resonated more powerful for him as a youngster and a hockey career always looked more likely. Eventually, however, the demands of sport – twelve training sessions a week – plus the allure of music grew more powerful until the direction of his life swung towards music when he quit hockey in his late teens.

Suddenly Marc had the time to dedicate to music and his skills grew exponentially through a mix of watching video tutorials, asking established producers for tips and simple experimentation.

At around the same time, Marc started working as a cloakroom attendant in a local nightclub. “I was near the party, but not in the party,” he laughs. I’d hear everyone having fun while I was just hanging up jackets.  I soon noticed that the DJ arrived latest, left the earliest and got paid the most!”

To make that step-up, Marc spent a summer honing his skills in the club before it opened for the evening, and he eventually landed his first gig on his eighteenth birthday – the first day he was legally permitted to perform in public. Despite subsequently playing huge events such as the K Music Festival, he picks hometown club gigs as a particular favourite as family and friends contribute to the 2000 capacity crowd.

Although he mentions Axwell and Avicii as two of his favourite producers, he views music in much the same way as he did hockey – it’s far more important for him to actually play rather than observe. A scroll through his tracks on Spotify shows a continuous but subtle evolution in his sound as time has passed – both ‘Dreams’ and ‘Show You The Light’ represent a natural progression from early tracks such as the electro favourite ‘Remedy’ and the EDM-meets-country soundclash of ‘Hungry Eyes’.

He picks Martin Garrix as someone who shares a similarly eclectic approach: “I know you need to have your own sound, but a lot of people get locked into doing similar things time and again. I can produce both electronic tracks and more organic low frequency stuff. But it’s mostly just about going with the flow.”

At present, Marc’s aim is to continue to improve his skills as a producer and to build momentum by releasing tracks on a more regular basis. “I’m really a perfectionist, I just try to improve with each track that I do and I feel like I’m improving a lot,” he concludes. The longer-term aim is to maintain a regular position on Spotify’s Top 50 – and that’s a goal that feels like Marc is perfectly placed to achieve.


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