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Base36 In The Zone – Jre & Pharoh (Prod. by Havik & Pharoh)

Base36 is a Toronto based music group made up of 3 artists: Pharoh, Jre, Havik. While attending high school together they quickly shared a bond and passion for music during a music production class and have gone on to make music ever since. Jre and Pharoh used to do remixes and covers to songs and rap and would rarely record on any of their own beats, untill havik came into the picture. Havik’s music production style is very uniqe and has his very own sound which is what seperates him from the rest.
This is their first release which is a hip-hop/ Rap song about being “In the zone”. It is a fast paced song that sort of mixes the old school with the new school. Pharoh : (Egyptian) Producer/Rapper/Singer

Havik: (Indian) Producer/Singer

Jre: (Jamaican) Producer/Rapper

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