Catherine Duc is a Vietnamese-Australian composer and producer of music blending elements of ambient, classical, electronica and world music. Her work has been aired on Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ABC Jazz. In 2005 Duc issued her debut album, Visions and Dreams.


Catherine Duc was born in Melbourne. She started her musical journey from a young age. As a child, Duc studied keyboard and classical piano and later completed studies in music arrangement, live recording and production at the Alfred Brash Sound House in the Melbourne Concert Hall. She also has a Diploma in Film Music Composition from The London School of Creative Studies. Her work has been aired on Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ABC Jazz. In July 2005 Duc issued her debut album, Visions and Dreams, and the following year she supplied keyboards for Priscilla Hernández’ album, Ancient Shadows.


In October 2012 Duc released her latest single, “Single Glance”, which was produced by Stuart Epps (Elton John, Robbie Williams). In an interview with Vents Magazine she revealed that she was finishing work on her second album and that the album has a lot more Celtic influences compared to her previous album, with a greater focus on live instruments (ranging from acoustic and electric guitars to mandolins, Irish flutes and bagpipes).


In 2015 she signed a record deal for her album “Voyager” with UK based label MG Music (owned by New Age composer and musician Medwyn Goodall and received a Grammy nomination for ‘Best New Age Album’.


In 2016 Duc remixed The Corrs’ song “Intimacy” which was released through Warner Music UK.


Duc’s music is a blend of Celtic and world melodies with contemporary electronica rhythms and atmospheric soundscapes. Anna Kosmanovski of Mediasearch described her style as “neo classical” and “Celtic, mystical sounding electronic, has none of the lullaby substance of ordinary classical music”.




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