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October 8, 2017by Kolade Olamide0

Francesco Franco is a 18 years old singer and songwriter based in Italy.
Francesco is not only a singer, he is also a style icon.
He attended various talent shows in Italy on national television channels like “My Camp Rock 2” on Disney Channel and “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” on Rai 1.
During the last year he published several covers of popular songs on Facebook and YouTube reaching thousands of views.
Day after day, he earns a lot of popularity on social networks, his name is already very big.

“Cool For You” is a catchy pop tune that is going to be stuck in your head from the first listening!

The song has been produced by Vittorio Franco, music producer and songwriter based in Australia, who has also collaborated with OSWLA (Skrillex’s Label), Warner and Universal Music.
The track features a laid back Tropical vibe delivered by melodic plucks and rhythmic percussion.  Francesco takes hold of the vocals, with a smooth and inviting tone singing to a potential love interest and letting people know how he really feels. Francesco comes to the realization that this is not where he belongs and in fact he is, “Too cool for you”.

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