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Joey Nato – Trouble

Who is Joey Nato? He doesn’t have any tattoos, doesn’t carry a lighter, and isn’t really much of a “party go-er”. Hmm, doesn’t sound like much of a hip-hop artist at all.
Good. The Connecticut artist wants it that way.
After dropping out of college in order to home in on his craft, things got a little hectic for Nato (Pronounced Nah-Dough). He ended up having numerous career mishaps in fields such as culinary arts, car sales, and retail. In a desperate attempt to pick up the shattered pieces off the floor, Joey’s best friend (and former manager) suggested a move to Los Angeles where they could pursue their music careers more seriously. However, things went sour out West and before he knew it, Nato was back home. Fortunately, upon his return he inked a music-syncing deal with Patriarch Recordings and collaborated with YouTube Star, Daym Drops on musical projects to help build momentum.
Nato’s style of music consists of several constant characteristics: witty lyrics, pop chords, melodic hooks, and hard hitting beats typically produced by himself. Occasionally however, his music may go for a “frat rap” or even conscious R&B type of feel. Safe to say you can expect plenty of versatility when locked in to one of his playlists.
Currently, Joey Nato is working on multiple releases via Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud while piecing together numerous mix-tapes to unleash for the masses’ listening pleasure. As long as his music reaches people with a message stating “Never Give Up” … then he’ll be satisfied.


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