We’re Mechanical Peaches, an indie rock band based out of Stamford, CT bringing a psychedelic infused retro sound to modern blues rock.

I (Abhay- Vocals, Guitar, Production) had been playing open mics for a few years as a singer songwriter when I joined up with Alex (Bass Guitar) and H.G (Drums) two years ago, and we started playing as Mechanical Peaches.

We released Mechanical Peaches EP in 2016, a rock trio arrangement of songs I had been performing at open mics around Stamford and Bridgeport, CT on acoustic guitar.

Our second compilation, Mechanical Peaches EP2, due out October 21st, was written after we had played together for a while, and highlights the strengths where our diverse genres of influence intersect.

Each member of Mechanical Peaches brings a unique musical background with varied influences from all areas of music including Abhay’s Carnatic vocals and funk and bluesrock-inspired rock guitars, Alex Wu’s jam band bass playing, and H.G. Siewert’s progressive hard rock drumming. This musical melting pot is vital to the rich sound of Mechanical Peaches.

This track, Uncool, is a tightly produced indie rock jam with a layered start/stop production and a blistering guitar solo.


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