Cody Joe Hodges — Roll That Way

Cody Joe Hodges’ music  has been described as “real country”, influenced by some of the country greats from the late 70’s and 80’s – George Strait, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson (just to name a few). With his thrilling, high-energy performance, it is rare that you will find someone that reaches across the aisle to both the old and new generations, but Cody Joe Hodges does it every time.  Cody Joe Hodges’ voice ranges from silky smooth to raspy seduction.  Cody Joe’s sound is something out of the past, and his writing style of the here and now.


Cody Joe Hodges started playing music at an early age, but it wasn’t until his senior year in high school that he became serious about his art.  Cody Joe wrote his first song, “Daddy’s Dream”, his freshman year, while living in the dorms at Texas A&M University.


Not long after graduating from Texas A&M in 2006, the young talent spent a short stay in Nashville.  Afterwards, deciding to “get away from music” and move back to Texas and join the Army.


While in the Army, (duty station, Fort Carson), he was playing music on a street corner in Colorado Springs with a homeless man, when he was discovered by an Army affiliate.   He was then asked to audition for the group “Harmony in Motion,” a vocal ensemble based out of Fort Carson, Colorado.  After auditioning, they extended an offer to join them, and Cody Joe began traveling across America playing for large entertainment venues.


Upon discharge, his dad had a talk with him about a career in the power line business as a lineman. This sounded like something exciting and also a great opportunity to draw upon for songwriting, so he joined the energy field in 2010.  At the same time, he started a band called “The Linemen”, and released his first album in 2012.


In the spring of 2013, Cody Joe decided to exit out of the power line business and focus energy on his music as a solo artist, along with whatever plans God had for him.  It has been a blessing thus far.  With his first recording contract signed in Dec. ’13.  Cody Joe Hodges released “The Good Stuff” album through an Oklahoma based record label, Tate Music Group, in November 2014.


In 2014, Cody Joe teamed up with Lamon Records, a Sony independent label out of Nashville, to record a four song EP entitled “One More Drink”.  After successfully gaining airplay and chart status with his singles, he decided to release his first Christmas album, “Down Home Christmas”.  The Christmas album was released in Oct 2016 and has 5 traditional country songs and 3 originals.


Cody Joe lives life on the road, constantly touring and trying to get his music heard.  He also knows the road to Nashville well. He takes that road every other month from Texas to write songs and network amongst the industry community on Music Row.  From humble beginnings, Cody Joe Hodges brings the drive and determination to attain National results.





NATION – Baltimore Rising

“Baltimore Rising” is a future soul track whose mixed synth line interprets a sentiment insurgency agonizing under a billow of despondency.

With his venture NATION, Guillaume Destot, previous pioneer of Vim Cortez draws and investigates his own particular guide of “Future Soul”.

The stories NATION tells are roused from genuine living, from the sharpness and sweetness, they show its dumbfounding feeling of void and cheerfulness.

NATION began in 2016, as a branch of Vim Cortez. They have at present twelve tunes, but have only discharged two of them, “Baltimore Rising” and “Computer Purple”, and are currently taking a shot at a more drawn out EP to be discharged in mid 2018 on Kromatik Records.

Phil Jenius, Beezy – Spotlight

“My vibe is your vibe. Your vibe is my vibe,” has been the motto Phil Jenius has gone up against as he’s taking in the power that his music has. Breaking free from the conventional 9-5 way of life that encompassed him, Jenius chose to go the way contrasted with his school peers. He trusts that on account of the Internet and new sprouting innovation, the music business is moving towards another blast.

Phillip Jamal Bingham otherwise called Phil Jenius began to seek after music in his last a long time of school. After graduating he moved to the DC range in Summer 2016 where he began to additionally develop himself as a craftsman. While Jenius had the vast majority of his battles in school, he credits them for creating him and giving him encounters to develop from. Falling some place in the Alternative Hip-Hop type, Phil says he draws his sound from his mixed taste in music. His sound is equivalent to Kid Cudi, Dizzy Wright, and Childish Gambino to give some examples other noticeable craftsmen.

Jenius has since connected up with DCTOP20 in Spring 2017, which is a group of creatives situated in the DMV that cultivates creating craftsmen. 2017 has been a time of development for him as he’s discharged summer singles and he is prepared to discharge his introduction EP entitled “MEMOIRS of Golden Heart” late October.

With respect to “Spotlight” his most current single, he needed to give inspiration to others that are pursuing their fantasies and experience obstructions that get in their direction. He trusts that self-assurance is a standout among the most essential ascribes to getting to be plainly fruitful.

T.C. Young – Prelude In D Major

Conceived on the island of Barbados, the child of an American diplomat and a Maltese mother, T.C. Young was born in transit. During secondary school, he moved with his family to the Washington, D.C. area; it was there that he discovered and sharpened his passion for music. 

At 14, he picked up the guitar and began playing raw punk and alternative rock in clubs throughout the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area. By the age of 16, he had found work as an assistant engineer at a local recording studios, and resolved to understand the intricacies of studio production. Soon after, he fell into a mentorship with Grammy award winning mastering engineer Greg Lukens. As his knowledge of the recording process increased, so too did the ambition of his musical projects. He gained local notoriety as the lead singer and primary songwriter for The Neon Rush. The band released several record before splitting up in 2013.

21-years-old and stung by the dissolution of the band he shared with his childhood friends, he decided to pack up a few belongings and head to Europe for an ambition cross-continental hitchhiking trip. In his despondency he left his instruments behind, freeing him from the weight of composing a “decent tune.” He could simply “just hum whatever I wanted along the road.” 

For two months he worked at a youth hostel in Budapest where he would frequent the weekly open mic night using a community guitar; it was during these laissez-faire performances that he “fell back in love with music.” When he finally returned to the USA, he was penniless and lost, unsure of his next step. He wound up falling back into studio work and various odd-jobs, saving up for his next adventure. All the while he never stopped writing, and after years of fine-tuning his sound, he returned to music under the name ’T.C. Young’. Last month he released his ambitious debut album, Rebels. In his own words, “the seven songs are reflections on past relationships, of travel, love and loss, the choices I have made and the feelings that linger in the wake of their consequences.”

‘Prelude In D Major, the first track in the collection, was composed during a burst of inspiration in a companion’s condo after a gathering. “I remember sitting at the guitar and getting the vision of this fictional person that embodied so many people I had known, and the same feeling of indecision between love and experience, the compromises that we take.” 

Sam Cole -All Night

Motivated by musicians like Usher and Prince , Sam Cole (22) is a R&B craftsman and self trained artist initially from Birmingham UK.

Sam’s initially discharge “Love Is Blind” picked up the consideration of British urban magazine NIJI, where he was given a full element on their site.

Sam went from inward city Birmingham to Atlanta after he was chosen to be one of the headliners for the I AM Atlanta music and fashion Showcase 2017..

Catching up with exhibitions at clubs and further occasions Sam began to work together with different specialists and makers in the Atlanta trap scene. His most recent single All Night is out now alongside the official video.

As well as music Sam does a great deal of work with youthful guilty parties, conveying talks and workshops at Feltham Young Offenders Institute, wanting to rouse the youngsters to concentrate on accomplishing something that will enable them to improve their future.

BREEZE (Grynd Seazon) – MOCEAN – The Band of the Hawk


The Band of the Hawk, the musical company known as DEF on the battlefield. Also known as the BOHUP Crew (BAND OF THE HAWK UNDERGROUND PYRAMID CREW). The Band of the Hawk rose from the ashes of a former clique, H.TX. H.TX productions were a spacious affair: all looped menace and blunted minutiae, not unlike early RZA productions if Mr. Diggs had been raised in Houston’s Fifth Ward worshipping 90’s hood flicks more than kung fu cinema and stuck in a Mario Brothers maze. These early efforts have since been re-absorbed, shoving way towards the Hawks’ penchants for texture over bombast, interpretation over definition. The current line-up of the Hawks: Noah Archangel, King (Yeaux Majesrty), Ash Ra, P.Ey3 (Sage Majesty), Grynd Seazon and Juskwam – succeeds in meeting the audience’s current expectation from a hip-hop group. Each personality is equally present and distinguishable from track to track, regardless of preferred artistic attack. Whether Noah raps or produces, or King spits coolness on the mic first or last, listeners know the unmistakable stew that is the Band of the Hawk.


Dēlfy – Body 2 Body

Bringing home the bacon ghostwriting vocals and instrumentals for global DJs for years,one winter evening in the place where she grew up Kiev (Ukraine), artist musician Dēlfy chose she was tired of adhering to traditional pop equations. Regardless of the way that participation with EDM dj’s has made her able to release with labels like Universal Australia and Sony and life vocal exhibitions in clubs and celebrations around the world,sharing the phase with R3Hab, Paris Blohm and Jetfire, Dēlfy chose to vanquish her dread of discharging something legitimate and unpredictable — something she really cherishes: synth pop with 90s flavor. Steadily starting to disregard the notices of her contemporary disapproved of system of the danger of venturing outside the organizations and gauges of standard patterns, the last push toward allowing herself full imaginative flexibility was her migration to Amsterdam in February 2017, where Dēlfy certifiably ‘found herself’ both musically and outwardly. Furnished with the mantra “Express Yourself”, her music isn’t just a collection of melodies — it is a diverse blend of design, a 90s stylish, and a complex electronic sound illustration from sources discovered only among the most astounding tastes.

Her presentation single, Body 2 Body, a melody composed and delivered by Dēlfy (better believe it, we know,girls ordinarily don’t do this kind of thing themselves), starts her transmission to the world toward the finish of September 2017. The track is a merger of unpretentious Synthwave instrumentals with contemporary RnB components inside the popular music structure ruling the present wireless transmissions. Melodiously, Body 2 Body is Dēlfy’s story, honestly expressed, of a concise, exotic experience with her impermanent question of want


Calvin , a 26 years of age musician from Indonesia aka “PERSONEINVACANZE” is an energetic artist who doesn’t care to be restricted to one sort. Since he has an exceptionally optimistic thought on how a song ought to be, and how to process it with the goal that the tune can meet its full potential.

That is the reason one day you will tune in to his new electro tune and the following day he turns out with a brand new R’n’B track or other genres.

He began doing music in 2009, it began with making his own particular music for the sake of entertainment with his companions, going to rivalries, and until the point that he got calls from different artists to keep in touch with them in order to write song for them, he realized that he can consider his music important, since then he has been making hits and this time he comes back with his greatest hit so far titled “Superfly”.


Michael Donaby (Mike Donaby) – When the music stops

Singer/Songwriter/Producer and Musician are just some of the titles associated over the years. Based in Chicago, Illinois his genres range from Soul Steppin R&B, Soultry Ballads to Contemporary Gospel. When The Music Stops is his debut single in stores wherever music is sold.

Born and Raised in the Chicagoland area, Mike has performed locally since about 2009, at restaurants, venues and festivals in the genres of Jazz and Blues.

Professional associations include 5yr performance engagement and the legendary Army & Lou’s as house keyboardist  for Toby Wallace & Friends.

He has performed  with local and national talents such as George Freeman, Larry Frazier, Penny Jeffries and more. He has briefly worked as an organist at local churches.

His writing and recording career began in 1997 through a brief internship at Swell Pictures in Chicago, which led to a record production deal  with Toolman Music in Chicago. Leading to the release of “Go Bullistic” in 1998.

Some of his musical influence include,  Bobby Womack, Freddie Jackson and Tyrone Davis.

When the Music Stops, the concept is “Blues with a Beat” addressing a neglected and overlooked market of listeners that enjoy dancing but also appreciate music they can see. Reminiscent  of a time where it felt good to have the blues.

Aaron Aye – Since ’96

My name is Aaron Aye. I am a 21 year old kid from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been singing and dancing ever since I can remember and I wrote my first song at age 11. When I was a baby, my dad left and I was raised by a single mother who gave her all to make sure I had the best life possible.  My freshman year in high school, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away two months later, making me a 14 year old orphan.

My EP, Orphan, is a celebration. It’s an EP for the lost kids struggling to find their purpose. I will be their voice by telling my own story through music. “Orphan” is full of songs about my journey as a midwest kid, trying to find a purpose in life, experimenting with love, the struggles of working two jobs to get by and staying true to being myself, all while coping with sadness, anger, and loneliness in the aftermath of my mom’s death.

When people hear this project I want them to never hear the word “Orphan” the same way again. And I want young men & women, no matter what their story is, to embrace their uniqueness,  their individuality, and believe in themselves.

Since ’96

written by: Aaron Aye

music by: Culture Shock

produced by: Culture Shock

We are building this from the bottom.  So this movement and The Culture Shock Sound starts with Aaron.  Trying to connect rather than separate.