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Calvin , a 26 years of age musician from Indonesia aka “PERSONEINVACANZE” is an energetic artist who doesn’t care to be restricted to one sort. Since he has an exceptionally optimistic thought on how a song ought to be, and how to process it with the goal that the tune can meet its full potential.

That is the reason one day you will tune in to his new electro tune and the following day he turns out with a brand new R’n’B track or other genres.

He began doing music in 2009, it began with making his own particular music for the sake of entertainment with his companions, going to rivalries, and until the point that he got calls from different artists to keep in touch with them in order to write song for them, he realized that he can consider his music important, since then he has been making hits and this time he comes back with his greatest hit so far titled “Superfly”.


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