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T.C. Young – Prelude In D Major

Conceived on the island of Barbados, the child of an American diplomat and a Maltese mother, T.C. Young was born in transit. During secondary school, he moved with his family to the Washington, D.C. area; it was there that he discovered and sharpened his passion for music. 

At 14, he picked up the guitar and began playing raw punk and alternative rock in clubs throughout the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area. By the age of 16, he had found work as an assistant engineer at a local recording studios, and resolved to understand the intricacies of studio production. Soon after, he fell into a mentorship with Grammy award winning mastering engineer Greg Lukens. As his knowledge of the recording process increased, so too did the ambition of his musical projects. He gained local notoriety as the lead singer and primary songwriter for The Neon Rush. The band released several record before splitting up in 2013.

21-years-old and stung by the dissolution of the band he shared with his childhood friends, he decided to pack up a few belongings and head to Europe for an ambition cross-continental hitchhiking trip. In his despondency he left his instruments behind, freeing him from the weight of composing a “decent tune.” He could simply “just hum whatever I wanted along the road.” 

For two months he worked at a youth hostel in Budapest where he would frequent the weekly open mic night using a community guitar; it was during these laissez-faire performances that he “fell back in love with music.” When he finally returned to the USA, he was penniless and lost, unsure of his next step. He wound up falling back into studio work and various odd-jobs, saving up for his next adventure. All the while he never stopped writing, and after years of fine-tuning his sound, he returned to music under the name ’T.C. Young’. Last month he released his ambitious debut album, Rebels. In his own words, “the seven songs are reflections on past relationships, of travel, love and loss, the choices I have made and the feelings that linger in the wake of their consequences.”

‘Prelude In D Major, the first track in the collection, was composed during a burst of inspiration in a companion’s condo after a gathering. “I remember sitting at the guitar and getting the vision of this fictional person that embodied so many people I had known, and the same feeling of indecision between love and experience, the compromises that we take.” 

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