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YAYA – In my body

YAYA is a project created by Caroline Ljungström – a girl who got tired of waiting. After a long time and many attempts to work with different songwriters and producers without finding her sound, she decided to do everything herself. At the same time she was offered to be a trainee at the studio ”Gottefar”, where Magnus Lidehäll, Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Pontare acted as mentors. There a whole new world of sound, inspiration and opportunities opened up – YAYA was born.

    – It took me many hours just to learn how to find the right drum or how to EQ a base. Slowly but surely things fell into place and my own sound could be created, says YAYA.

Music has always been important in YAYA’s life, especially when combined with dance. At the age of eleven, she joined the Swedish Ballet School in Gothenburg and has since studied and danced in prestigious schools as the Royal Swedish Ballet School and the London Studio Centre.

Getting older YAYA began to see new possibilities in music and developed her interest in writing music and today – YAYA writes and produces music for herself and others. A perfect combination, as the love for producing is great and she wants to develop and work both individually and together with others. She shares a studio with FELIN and Agnes Carlsson in Stockholm in the same studio-complex where she was a trainee for Magnus and co, where also Sebastian Ingrosso, Carli Löf, Seinabo and Axwell are working. There, YAYA and FELIN work in parallel with their own projects, but also as a duo when they work with and for other artists.

The ballet is still a great inspiration to her visual expression. The music is straight and honest, but even if the lyrics can be heavy, there is always a sense of hope. She has created a pop world where nothing is impossible – however, fully aware of that it takes hard work and many tears to get there.

YAYA combines her songwriting and producing with DJing. When she felt that too many nights out were characterized by only guys playing the music, she took matters into her own hands and started playing at the Stockholm clubs. Not to mention festivals like ”Into the Valley” and ”Way out West”.

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