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Mar – Place

Achieving soul profound, imparting delicacy and powerlessness, diverted through confidence and trustworthiness, Mar is an ageless vocalist and writer. Composing melodies which try to interface his gathering of people, all the while, with self and each another, Mar summons profound feeling on his most recent EP, entitled ‘Things Will Be’.

As of late championed by Jamz Supernova on BBC Radio 1Xtra for his coordinated effort with Full Crate on EP ‘A Woman’, guesting on tracks for Snakehips and Blonde, Mar is presently prepared to accept the all important focal point status with this most recent task. Surging, thick and overwhelming state of mind scapes, cracked yet smooth, conjoining space and sound, fragile airs epitomize Mar’s stylish. Enlivened by calm contemplative reflection, his music is genuinely thoughtful. A touchy craftsman, candidly wise, dynamic and aspiring, each track the maker and vocalist pens communicates a perplexing universe of sentiments and considerations, conveyed with a relaxed, basic sort of lucidity.

Hailing from Amsterdam, raised on a house boat, encompassed by music from a youthful age, rhythm keeps running in the R and B craftsman’s blood. Always encompassed by live music and jam sessions, a constant flow of performers sifted through Mar’s local place on the day by day. Drums were the Caribbean-Indonesian relative’s energy from an early age. Acing instruments under his Father’s vigilant gaze, Mar’s Sister and Mother would sing while his Father played the guitar and bass, all to the sponsorship of maturing craftsman’s percussion.

Securing his valuation for craftsmanship and sound to his close family life and sentimental nature, Mar enables himself to talk about his apprehensions and failings with solid surrender when life feels excessively intense. In truth, Mar has encountered profound misfortune and misery, following the death of his dad. Mulling over existence without his closest companion and motivation, Mar went ahead to compose ‘Storm’, a track he portrays as “a tune that seemed like how suicide feels. The colossal contrast between calm and mayhem.” A cathartic cradle song to observe, a melancholy piano goes with Mars rich vocals.

The excellence of this multi-instrumentalist’s abilities feel naturally connected to his wide vocal range. Opening verses on track one in a flash spellbind. Here, there is a charged climate which passages the audience, stopping time and inciting recollections. Opening the five track release with ‘Place’, the tune which offered ascend to the EPs origination more than two years prior, London maker Aston Rudi has been instrumental in molding the music which would take after. Topics of deserting and loneliness run simultaneously all through, ‘Love Outro’ has roots in the tragic predicament of the refugees Mar felt influenced by, secured every day by the media.

Refering to his most prominent melodic impacts as Bjork and Prince, Mar has grabbed the open doors given by this EP to advance a new way to deal with his sound. Blemish’s melodic range has advanced from layered electronic to pop, contorted trap and rock music, by means of past releases ‘Seeing Her Naked’, ‘Form’ and ‘When We Meet’.
Accepting full creative accountability for his vision, the philosophical creative has crafted an ambitious live audio visual show, which will create a journey like an exploration of his audience’s innermost feelings. Editing this latest visual body of work with in-house art director Tobi Balogun, each and every facet of Mar’s art is deeply personal, revealing the most intimate parts of himself. All of this is done in the name of promoting his manifesto, love.

‘Things Will Be’ is a soundtrack to encounter when one is separated from everyone else. Relieving and rich, similar to a glass of red wine, Mar oozes an easily supernatural feeling of being. Press play and discover your tranquility.

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