Broadtube Music ChannelSavannah – I’ll Never Know

October 10, 2017by Kolade Olamide0


Savannah is a 17 year talent, she actually composes straight from the heart and a ton of her music is fueled with all the feeling and crude verses. A piano player, beat author and arranger, she has truly released her single and has an E.P. called ‘Oxygen’ which will drop in November 2017.

Savannah is a prime case of kiwi ability, following the new youth wave of Lorde, Broods, Aldous Harding and Nadia Reid, yet she has her novel pop princess style is as yet building up her voice and music career. Legitimate and powerless, Savannah loves to share her unique tunes on the web and is likewise an enthusiastic adherent of popular culture yet with the particular kiwi curve.

This is just the beginning as she is at present learning music and going deeper and deeper and planning to tour soon for the first time.


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