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Weaver – Boxes

From Sweden’s tough west drift city of Gothenburg comes an unimaginable songwriter with an unrivaled hard working attitude, a style for a snare and a back list to demonstrate it.

WEAVER is another wander yet the man behind the music has been gaining his stripes on the live circuit for a long time. Johan Weber made his initially attack into the music world as a drummer, before attempting his hand as a frontman and trying different things with various genres. In 2012 he chose to put the greater part of his vitality in a performance solo career; giving us the Yankee folklore stepping, steel guitar weilding WEAVER.

5 years have past and Johan has moved skilfully to the bleeding edge of Sweden’s flourishing music scene with deliberately chosen live shows, the arrival of two staggering EP.s and now his most recent single “Boxes” discharged on October seventh 2017.

In 2015 he set aside time to tour the U.S broadly, gathering a buzz of awards and supporters as he moved along. When he came back to Sweden he composed and created 6 music videos, including one which includes a front of Kulturations “Rikmansghetto”.

WEAVER’s devotion to his art is uncompromising, with each accessible minute spent adjusting his musicianship and idealizing his lyricism. The outcome is a sound that is cleaned, breathtaking and peppered with bounty benevolent gestures to the greats. Clearly his melodic apprenticeship has been an extraordinary and productive trip. The moan of Jeff Buckley, the meander of Bob Dylan and the guileful tunes of The Tallest Man on Earth have unquestionably been milestones on the guide.

WEAVER takes full control of his innovative yield and not just as to his music. Leaving an individual stamp is of immense significance with regards to his physical item. For the arrival of his initial two E.P.s he carefully cut and sewed burlap material together and hand-printed every logo. For his vinyl discharge WEAVER screen printed each cover by hand, including the verses on the inward sleeve. It is in itself a gem.

For his most recent discharge he’s gone much further.

In October Weaver discharged his most recent single Boxes; a perky burst of Yankee folklore that sticks like paste.

Boxes, the first in succession of discharges due from Weaver this year, is accompanied by animation that WEAVER and the craftsman Johan Ejerblom otherwise known as artbyejerblom made together under the moniker Silver N’ Silk.

At first the activity was expected to be finished in three months, with the two specialists experiencing an instance of unimaginably high desire! Presently, after 14 months, the single Boxes and it’s going with animation is prepared to share to the world. In that time Silver N’ Silk made a showstopper and discovered that huge dreams can without a doubt be accomplished yet maybe not generally in 3 months.

Amid the long procedure the two craftsmen stayed enduring in their individual dreams while believing each other’s judgment and creative point of view. Utilizing cardboard, styrofoam and other rescued materials Silver N’ Silk made an up cycled world for the animation to happen in. The scene represents a classic Swedish city neighbourhood complete with governors’ houses, street lights and trees! They created an atomic bomb effect by using a liquid cloud that imitates an explosive pattern when dropped into water. The rain at the end of the animation is the stop motion of molten glue on a sewing thread. In other words no stone was left unturned in creating this homemade visual delicacy!
Boxes is the principal taste of another strengthened approach from WEAVER. As a craftsman he has developed and his music has developed with him. His sound is trademark, his aspirations are unshakeable and creation is stickler. To have such excellent visuals going with his music is the wonderful finish. We trust Weaver and Silver N ‘Silk keep on dreaming the inconceivable!

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