Baba Ali – I’ve Been Voodoo’d

Baba’s debut EP, ‘Nomad’, was released in March, gathered fans including likes of Gold Panda, who assigned him to Pitchfork as a coming artist of 2017. The ‘Nomad’ EP in this way grabbed 500 thousand plays on Spotify, with lead track ‘Cog in the Wheel’, a tribute to the everyday routine, being singled out for praise and popularity.

Recorded in London with Andy Savors, who produced the latest My Bloody Valentine collection, ‘I’ve Been Voodoo’d’ is a rankling, electronic-edged current challenge melody. A balance of insubordination, outrage and perplexity, it’s both an encouraging cry and a fierce yell, influenced all the more absorbable because of its to pulverized percussive base of handclaps, juddering bass and back-to-93 rave-period cries.

“After just recently moving from New York to London late last year”, says Ali, “I witnessed from afar a racist, sexist, fascist egomaniac swindle his way into the White House. In the midst of all this shock, anger and disbelief, I found a way to write a song about it, which became “I’ve Been Voodoo’d”. It’s also a nod to T-Model Ford and Hound Dog Taylor, whom I’ve been listening to constantly as of late.”

Having spent the run up to this release touring with the likes of Gold Panda, Jonny Greenwood’s Junun project, Shigeto and Kele Okereke, Baba will play a headline show at the Montague Arms in London next month.
From 2009-2015, Ali was a part of electronic duo Voices of Black, signedd to underground dance label Wolf + Lamb. The DJs/producers toured Europe, Latin America and the US. Urban areas included: Berlin, Paris, Mexico City, Brussels, Bucharest, Moscow, Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona and Miami. In August 2012, Voices of Black opened for Swedish band Little Dragon at the Brooklyn Bandshell, after the band’s lead vocalist heard one of the songs Baba released, ‘Streets Run Red’ which was also picked up for an advertising campaign by fashion label Yves Saint Laurent.

Voices of Black additionally toured the United States in 2013 as an opening act for UK electronic producer Gold Panda. Highlights included: Chicago’s popular Metro Theater, Los Angeles’ well known Fonda Theater, Decibel Festival in Seattle, consecutive shows at the Independent in San Francisco, and a sold-out show at Webster Hall, NYC.

Ronnie Lott – ALL PRO

Ronnie Lott is a 25-year-old San Antonio, Texas local who was formerly a member of the city’s best bands, known for their incredible performances. Ronnie’s specialty in the long run drove him to start discharging music as a solo act and in five years he has discharged 3 mix-tapes and 2 full-length collections. He has performed at venues crosswise over Texas, for example, Warehouse Live in Houston and The Beauregard in San Angelo.

Urban pop artist Ronnie Lott comes back to the music scene with a few new joints as he prepares to commence the mid year of 2017. The 25 year old incited his buzz when his initially significant single “Trophy” surprised the music streaming world when it was able to crack spotify’s 50 viral in the US peaking at #30. He followed up with a 18 track Lp titled “Nothing Is Forever” His debut collection which was basically produced by J-Nice, witness Ronnie’s capacity to combine a pop sense to his cross-kind blend of rap and R&B. This under the radar heartthrob has been standing out as truly newsworthy when he was featured on hiphopdx when he released “Catch The Wave”. “As I Do/I Just Came Here” was another hit single that earned a large number of online streams. The San Antonio native mainstream savvy has been contrasted with likes of both Drake and The Weekend.

Ronnie’s two new ep’s “14th Aver” and “All Pro” should accumulate numerous adds by numerous playlist curators. If Ronnie’s follow up LP takes off like it has the potential to, then 2017 will be the breakout year that Ronnie and the New Wave camp have been gearing up for.

CHADI – The Way I See You


Chadi composes and records her music blending live instruments and loops. She plays guitar, sings, arranges and produces. Her first single “The Way I See You” features bass by Maxwell Roach (Beyoncé, Raphael Saadiq, Party Next Door, Serena Ryder, Shawn Hook) and is mixed/mastered for radio by Beau Vallis (Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, Pharrell Williams).


Zacharias – Daylight

Zacharias, 20 year-old artist from Riverside, CA has been making music for a half year.

He is a multi-class artist who likewise produces the vast majority of his songs as an independent artist.

The song “Daylight” is sad but catchy tale about a person who is so in love.

Night on the Sun – Fall on Me

NIGHT ON THE SUN is a 4-piece electro pop and soul band focused on pioneering a unique brand of pop music: catchy and accessible, yet vulnerable and daring. Led by singer/songwriter Nick Louis, the music plays to his emotive strengths as an artist; melding what is authentic, raw and intelligent with a modern soundscape lush with hip hop percussion, heavy synths and arena-worthy choruses. Over the years, Night on the Sun has played on the legendary stages of The Bitter End, Arlene’s Grocery, and The Stone Pony.

Beat The System, Riddler – Be Your Own

After being found by previous No.1 A&R Diana Meltzer who signed Evanescence, Creed, and some more, Beat The System flew most of the way over the world from Malaysia to New York City in 2014. At the time, the band comprises of drummer and songwriter Gerald Sellan, guitarist Stewart Sellan, and musician Adrian Puan. It wasn’t until mid-2015 when May Leigh was accepted as the band’s lead vocalist.

Formed in 2005, Beat The System has won various renowned awards in the Asian locale which include the ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Best Collaboration’ title in 2012. The band has additionally worked together with Sony Music and Warner Music in creating a couple of assemblage collections, the first autonomous band in Malaysia to do as such.

With May Leigh being a part of the new band lineup, an entire 11-track collection has been recorded. Produced by 4 time Dove Award winning producer Andy Anderson, Grammy Awards assigned specialist Damien Page Lewis, and acing expert Chris Athens, the collection titled ‘Journey’ is set to release right on time one year from now.

Their most recent single Be Your Own highlights Billboard Top 10 Acts DJ Riddler whose work has sold more than one-million copies. The recently release is right now hitting the dance club scene over the US and a national radio campaign is currently in progress. The band is set to do a radio promo visit in the West Coast advancing their new single.

Clade – Connected

Clade experienced childhood in Connecticut and took a major enthusiasm for music composition at the youthful age of 6. Both of his senior siblings were rappers and he was profoundly influenced by them and the tapes they had in their own accumulations.

Based in Pensacola Florida, he connected up with an extraordinary producer out there named “Fabio Arauz” at Fresco recording studio and he produced all his songs including “Connected.
” The song “Connected” sheds light on the relationship between people and nature.

The song also stresses on depression and showing empathy for one another using comparisons through nature.

Mossback – On Your Own

Mossback was formed in 1994 in Seattle by Brennan McFeely and Paul Adams. A chance meeting at The Keg in the U-district brought lead guitarist Curt Hamblet aboard and the lineup began to solidify. Through ads in the Rocket Layne Bouche and Sandy Greenbaum were brought in on bass and drums respectively. And so began a ten year odyssey. Mossback played many local venues in and around the Seattle area. They began plying their spare money into recording, working with top notch producers Kevin Suggs, Gary King and Scott Ross to develop their unique sound. “Mishmash” is the culmination of over a decade of writing and recording and contains a wide variety of musical genres and styles. There’s something here for everybody. For those who like hard rock check out “On Your Own” and “Sanity”…For those preferring a softer sound there’s “Cold Wind” and “Annalisa”. Grunge rockers will like “Junkie Town” and “Nothin Left To Give”. And for the politically conscious check out “Cloak of No Consequence”, a song about the Tibetan struggle with genuine Tibetans’ chanting and singing backgrounds. Enjoy.

Mack Meadows – “Cigarette”


Based in the Upper Keys, Mack Meadows is a diverse guitarist in genres across the spectrum. Mack has always loved sharing the gift of music and has built his career performing before audiences and teaching guitar professionally. In addition to his command of contemporary music, he has studied with acclaimed classical guitarist Dr. Stephen Robinson.

Prior to managing music stores across the Southeast for several years, Mack appeared as a solo recitalist and chamber musician. He played three seasons at Seaside Music Theater in the pit orchestra as a guitarist, in such shows as Evita, Anything Goes, and Little Me, as well as flamenco guitarist in Man of La Mancha. He has also worked as a studio session musician in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee.

Mack earned a Bachelor of Music Degree from Stetson University, where he was a member of the Stetson Guitar Quartet.  He became a sought-after teacher in Vero Beach, Florida, and played clubs and events throughout the Treasure Coast area.  Musical styles included Blues, Rock, Rockabilly and Latin Jazz.

Mack Has brought his music to Key Largo, where for years now he keeps a busy schedule playing for visitors and locals at the beautiful bars and restaurants.  His style has become quite a bit more tropical, no doubt influenced by the spectacular sunsets and libations.