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Acting Natural – Pairadice




ACTING NATURAL lead singer and guitarist Eric Carnevale, bass guitarist/vocalist James David Maney, and drummer/vocalist Jesse Leonard are filled by a common enthusiasm for bringing back the legitimacy of crude Rock and Roll music. Their new ACTING NATURAL EP is a dazzling presentation that demonstrates they have adjusted their immovable devotion to making quality music with a unique sound. The ACTING NATURAL EP was released worldwide on September 22, 2017, trailed by a physical CD release on October 20, 2017. Coinciding with the digital release, ACTING NATURAL attended the iHeartMusic Festival on September 22 in Las Vegas, NV.
ACTING NATURAL released their first single “Pairadice” and the reaction was inconceivable, achieving #1 on the Top 5 Most Added and reached #9 on the FMQB A/C Chart. ACTING NATURAL’s one of a kind sound is centered around energy and strong musicianship, and their motivations extend from unbelievable specialists of the over a significant time span, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles, just to name the few.

This youthful trio, based out of New York City, and each a multi-instrumentalist with refreshingly sensible demeanors, began their voyage together at the period of only 13 years of age. They started composing and recording unique material not long after,making a crisp sound with Rock and Roll roots and present day vibes. Singing three-section harmonies, their particular mix of music and verses is drawn from individual motivations and encounters, enabling the band to be completely expressive and inventive in their songwriting. The band as of late re-situated to New York, and they are excited about what’s on the horizon.

Good companion/engineer Jim Morris, proprietor of Morrisound Recording in Tampa, FL, took a shot at the initial couple of tracks of the EP.

The sessions were loaded with critical minutes and solid endeavors from the entire gathering. Amid the chronicle procedure, they wound up composing a couple of pristine melodies in the studio, which prompted the written work and the recording being done all inside a similar session. The entire venture was a joint exertion, with JD playing some incredible bass, Jesse setting out the drums, and both fitting with Eric on lead vocals and guitar/piano/percussion. They worked all day and all night, now and again going straight during that time and just getting a few hours of rest between sessions.

Acting Natural essentially intends to normally be what you are. To be Aware, Awake, Able and Alive. The band’s creativity is natural. With their appealing on-stage chemistry and addictive melodies, ACTING NATURAL is sure about their capacity to leave an effect and associate with gatherings of people.

Despite the fact that the band’s essential classification is rock, their music figures out how to cross kinds and ages, pulling in individuals from all sides of the range and any ethnicity, from kids in their initial adolescents to grown-ups more than 60.

With developing reputation on the east drift, the band has their objectives set on increasing new mindfulness on a bigger stage, while consistently pushing Rock and Roll music forward as artists.

ACTING NATURAL endeavors to demonstrate that crude ability, desire, and trustworthiness can even now win in the present music industry.

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