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Androck, ePP – Everyday

Hailing from Portland Oregon, Androck took up hip-hop/rapping at an early stage in his school. Discovering that Corvallis wasn’t the perfect center point for that classification of music, he set out to change the traditional nation town into a hip-hop impetus. From that point, Androck made connections throughout Oregon State University with like minded people inside his communications major. From that point forward, his music has been highlighted on the school radio station 88.7 KBVR, OSU music festival DAM JAM, and rock out live shows at underground house parties. After graduation Androck has taken his music back to Portland to handle the blasting hip-hop scene that is ejected as of late, and has shared the stage with many upcoming artists. Characterized by his black and white contacts worn during performances, the look is a nod to the Japanese anime culture that Androck has been inspired by, as well as feeling like an Android that he has created by drawing from his musical motivators to create the unique persona.

Melody Description: Every day is a feel, it’s a vibe. To give you everything regardless of the day or the state of mind. While others whine and fuss about their issues and the cards life hurls them, this track is an exemplification of improving those cards to your support. Highlighting veteran Portland rapper, ePP, the two of them illustrate letting free and getting even. Portland producer Drae Slapz works his enchantment on the production and mixing/mastering, giving a substantial hitting beat the two of them could kill.

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