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blvkkhvrt.- WYTTW

blvkkhvrt. (Pronounced black heart.) is a recording artist from El Paso, Texas. blvkkhvrt’s. first chart appearance was alongside companion Riot Ten back in 2012 on BeatPort. From that point forward, blvkkhvrt. has created and modified his sound to get the perfect harmony. In May of 2016, blvkkhvrt. released a collection known as “The Reboot EP”. The EP comprised of just 3 songs. Every song’s sole reason for existing was to demonstrate the distinctive feelings, and their branches, inside him; adoring, lost and certainty. With help from Riot Ten and other popular specialists, the EP has reached over 25k streams online within the first trimester and has kept on increasing since.

In January, 2017, blvkkhvrt. released another joint effort with Riot Ten titled “Missing You”. Which was released through the label BredNButter. Soon after the release of the collaboration, blvkkhvrt. released a solo single titled “Top LiNE”. Since the arrival of “ToP LiNE” and “Missing You”, blvkkhvrt. has been getting acknowledgment over the web. From various blog and website highlights to podcasts and radio play. With the unfaltering slope since “The Reboot”, there is no uncertainty a noteworthy leap forward is sooner rather than later.

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