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“I see and speak of the evil I’ve seen. That is the origin of my art.” – Christian Emert, A.K.A., C. Havoc

It’s no easy task to rip a heavy rap and rock flavored hip hop out of total havoc. However, performing and producing as “C.Havoc,” Christian Emert has managed to take adversity and turn it into adrenaline-filled art. As a self-described, “dark hip-hop” artist, C.Havoc is a rising artist who has spent the last three years performing professionally. On the other hand, he has spent the vast majority of his life building his mind and muses into what he is today. Christian Emert’s hip-hop is a uniquely metal rap, all wrapped in a character of true mettle.

It was Emert’s early childhood years that tested his character. The hardships hardened him and forged the real-world realism he composes into his compositions today. He explains, “I’m an Eastern Tennessee native, but my family always moved – I feel like I grew up everywhere.” In fact, by the age of eleven Christian had moved to so many different schools he learned to stop making new friends. However, he was already writing and composing lyrics, his first song he penned at the age of only ten, entitled “Chained.”

He was always the “new kid, ” and the brutal bullying began to transform him into a quiet, deep-thinking, creative who preferred to watch what he saw around him … and then write about it. A master of the message, characters, and stories, Emert could have easily been a novelist, but early on music beckoned to him. “I was always a rocker, but the rap and hip-hop of the late eighties and early nineties hooked me,” offers Christian. He found the music of Tu Pac, Biggie Smalls and Eminem seemed to have storylines that fit things going on in his life.
Part of his Christian Emert’s gift is God-given – from a musically-talented mother and father. Also, he never boxed himself in; he listened to everything, including old-school artists such as Disturbed, Styx, and Suicide Silence. Playing drums and writing songs for garage bands by the age of twelve, he took his love of hard rock metal bands and fused it with his natural love of hip-hop. He was already evolving into C.Havoc; he just didn’t know it at the time. “I was the serious one in the early bands, even though I was the youngest member, I always wanted to take it a step further,” he explains.
Christian’s metamorphosis into C.Havoc began in earnest in 2015, with the release of his debut mixtape, Anarchy. “Even though it was a mixtape, looking back, I consider it my first album,” Emert explains. Anarchy contained four tracks and gave hip-hop fans their first taste of C.Havoc’s focus on the dark and macabre reality of the human condition. Songs on the debut such as “Sadistic” and “Evol” gave a glimpse of his tightly-wound lyrics and close attention to characters and the human condition. “I think I’ve evolved a lot since that mixtape, but it was dark, just like the real world we live in.”
In late 2014 C.Havoc began to break out, opening for Lil’ Wyte in August of 2014 and hitting gigs all over the Southern U.S., from Texas to Tennessee. His biggest performance to date was a booked appearance at SWSW in March of 2015. His sophomore mixtape offering would be titled, Asylum, released in early 2017. It had eight tracks and reinforced C.Havoc’s mantra, as fans began to know him as “The King of Insanity.”Asylum, with its eight tracks, was a more refined example of Emert’s hauntingly macabre musical palette. Tracks such as “Mexicans,” with its fast-paced rap and hook-driven background displayed Havoc’s willingness to take on any subject. Half Mexican in heritage, Christian jumps back and forth between English and Spanish in the song. “Demons,” is an autobiographical example of Emert’s artistic goal of avoiding the typical, overdone hip-hop and rap themes while telling a story. He adds, “I think outside the box, and that box is down a dark hallway where people are scared to go.”
In early 2017, C.Havoc signed on with Bentley Records and began working on new material. As 2018 approaches, Christian is preparing for his first official full-length album release. His fans are getting a sneak peek at The Dark Slums via two pre-release singles, “Manifest” and “Poison.” The new songs and album reflect a harder sound and more developed stories. “I like to show both sides of any character’s situation,” says C.Havoc. “Poison” examines a girl’s demise from her demon of drug addiction. Havoc goes into detail, “Within The Dark Slums, I will show my stylistic evolution and ability weave stories into my work, this time without the screaming or guitar solos.”
C.Havoc is one of the rare ones amid other rising hip-hop artists. He is frustrated about where hip-hop has come to today and desires to change that. There is only a handful of writers and rappers willing to write what they feel instead of what the market dictates. Christian Emert has been perfectly prepared to conquer his quest to bring creativity back to the playing field. In his own life, he’s been tested in a fiery furnace. Just as a Blacksmith, his goal is to forge his molten music into something malleable. Out his ire, he gets his ore, and it creates C.Havoc’s uniquely metal rap – all wrapped with the Christian Emert’s mettle.





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