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Lady Tee The Difference

“Lady Tee The Difference” is one and only female rapper that shakes the ground for real with her expressive flow. She drops her new song titled “I Aint Yo Bitch”, not at all like other rap songs with messy lyrics. “Lady Tee The Difference” as the name suggests, surely makes a big difference by telling men to give respect to women. Specifically to the point, give me some regard and “I Aint Yo Bitch”. Simply telling the men to stop calling a woman a bitch.

“Lady Tee The Difference” is an excellent rapper and she makes a lot of difference with the lyrics of this beautiful song and her flow is extra-ordinary while the song is driving and infectious. What you see is the thing you will get, her name implies difference, “Lady Tee The Difference” comes with a song not quite the same with other rap artists while the title of the song infers what you will completely hear directly in the song. Much respect to her for her expressive flow that is highly impressive. She discharges the verses brilliantly.



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