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London based trio Dancehall return with yet another garage-pop gem in single ‘KO’, an in-your-face post-punk starter punch from the London-based trio.

Lyrically, singer Tim is both attacking an old work colleague’s complacency and inspiring motivation – nothing is hidden up the band’s sleeve as he sings “just sing two notes/and play three notes” whilst doing exactly that under a barrage of fuzzed up power chords and tight drum fills.. Owing to the band’s obsession with recording songs as quickly as possible, ‘KO’ and B-side ‘Vitamins’ were both recorded in one evening at the band’s rehearsal space, Kluster Rooms, by friend, producer and co-Vibe/Anti-Vibe label manager, Christopher Smith. The band slept in the studio’s live room once recording was completed, only to turn up the next day to their respective jobs unclean but accomplished.

Dancehall are a trio of believers in distortion, energy and melody who meld their droning shoegaze with serrated punk. Based in London and from previous punk bands Kill Kenada & Ice Sea Dead People, they’ve honed their craft of writing tightly wound songs via copious amounts of bedroom demoing, rehearsing in Limehouse, recording and fried chicken.

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